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Community Development

Keep your community safe and plan for expansion and development with cloud-based community development software.

Community Development Software

From code building permits to code inspections, bring your technology into the 21st century and improve your staff’s experience by modernizing your community development processes.

Building Permits & Inspections

Approve building permits online and conduct electrical, fire, and other trade inspections on your mobile device


Contractor License Registration

Maximize safety by allowing contractors to register with your community, proving they are up-to-date on their licensing and insurance

Zoning Approvals

Use OpenGov's zoning software to evaluate new construction ideas in the context of the vision and expected resources detailed in your community's comprehensive plan.

Historic & Environmental Conservation

Use GIS to ensure new builds are carefully reviewed in the context of historic areas and geological elements like FEMA flood zones

Code Enforcement

Respond quickly to code enforcement violations and provide clear, online guidance on how they can be resolved in cohesion with other community development operations

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Economic Development

Incentivize high economic activity and Main Street revitalization with an easier more accessible way to apply for business licenses like short-term rentals, outdoor dining, and more

“At some point you need an inspection for electrical work, you need to license your dog, and for the business community, permitting might be a regular part of your routine. So when you’re looking at what technological updates will impact the most people, permitting is high on the list.”

Town Administrator, Town of Franklin, MA

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“If OpenGov is successful, the Town is successful. Our Town wants to become a business partner for contractors and homeowners making improvements.”

Director of Inspections, Town of Lakeville, MA

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“Contractors are saving so much time. Rather than coming to the courthouse, waiting through security and going back home, they have everything at their fingertips. It’s been important to them, and they voiced their support.”

Planning and Development Director, County of Bingham, ID

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“We had someone apply. I looked at the workflow. They applied at lunch at 12:10. It was processed, paid, and issued by 12:40.”

Public Works Director, City of Cypress, CA

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Progress Your Comprehensive Plan with Streamlined Zoning Approvals

From conditional use permits to new subdivision and variance requests, manage the parcels in your community with OpenGov’s planning and zoning software. OpenGov can be used to expedite your application processes and provide your staff with critical tools

Review submissions, issue faster approvals, and prepare for hearings with our easy-to-use cloud software with ArcGIS integration.

Easy-to-Use Services

In growing communities, constituents need to access the government services they need — in just a few clicks. 

OpenGov Permitting & Licensing offers intuitive and customizable public portals that allow anyone to easily find the permit or license they need. 

OpenGov’s planning and zoning software makes community development easier.

Serve a Growing Community

Free staff time by reducing call and walk-in volume to City Hall for paper permits, enabling you to process, approve, and issue permits up to 5x faster than legacy systems. In addition, you can cut down on your backlog by scheduling and completing inspections online, allowing your staff to be more efficient. 

Customers receive automatic email notifications of any activity on their application and can check its status in real-time – no more waiting for paper applications to be processed and approved.

Plus, easy administrative controls for granular level security permissions with drag-and-drop configurations.

Secure and Safe Payments Online

Allow customers to pay online with a few simple clicks by credit card or eCheck, while still accepting over the counter payments. Credit card information is never stored in the platform to protect all payment information. 

Automatically calculate fees with full-cycle revenue management integrated right into your platform.


Simplify and Streamline Reporting

Report on important data in your community such as code enforcement resolutions, proposed development, and historical and environmental preservation.

Use data collected through Permitting & Licensing to build easy-to-understand reports for different stakeholders.

Modernize the Way You Serve Your Community

One-Stop Shop Planning and Zoning Software

Self-Service Tools for a Growing Community

Alleviate staff time and resources by processing permits more efficiently for your rapidly-growing community with a clear progress bar, smart project templates, and a guided application wizard

Easy-to-Use, Digital Services

The user-friendly public portal allows you to educate applicants about service information and submission requirements

GIS and Plan Review Integration

Use GIS and Plan Review integration to include invaluable data to your permit and license review process and view a clear version history of plans with all comments

Streamline Multi-Department Workflows

Customize internal workflows to streamline approvals across teams and departments.

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