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ProcureNow is the collaborative public procurement suite built for the modern government. Providing end-to-end procurement automation across solicitation and contract development, electronic proposal evaluations, and supplier interactions, ProcureNow makes procurement more enjoyable and transparent for everyone involved.


100% Paperless Procurement

Streamline collaboration with purpose-built tools to accelerate alignment between solicitations, responses, and evaluations.


More Strategic Impact

Less clerical work and more strategic time thanks to intuitive, guided workflows and integrated training for collaborators.


Satisfied Suppliers

Expand your supplier network and improve your partner experience with intuitive online portal and workflows.


Increase Accountability

Establish a simplified view into contract and vendor spend via a single-source of truth.

Cut time spent writing and releasing RFPs and bids by 75%.

3-4X increase in supplier responses.


Transform your Solicitation Development

Turn your solicitation templates into intuitive, guided online workflows so project managers, reviewers, and buyers can easily collaborate on key documents. Dynamically track project status throughout reviews and get insight into timelines, stakeholders, and project pipelines.


Engage Vendors in a Modern, Social, Online World

From sharable public project links, vendor analytics, and funnel tracking to a simple, one-click vendor submission process, ProcureNow does it all. Suppliers delight in the guided online proposal submissions with one-click submit.


Ditch Excel Scorecards

No more excel and paper scorecards, ProcureNow can help you manage it all online. Whether you evaluate vendor proposals as Best Value using a scoring committee, Lowest Cost through bid tabulation, or anywhere in between, we can support your process.


Automate Contract Management

Never miss an upcoming expiration deadline again. ProcureNow lets you set reminders and notifications to stakeholders, and give you a birds-eye view into all your active and historical contracts across the organization.

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