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Experience the industry’s most automated solicitation development solution, while enjoying collaborative eProcurement and proactive contract management — purpose-built for modern government.

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Turbocharge Your Procurement Process

End-to-end Government Procurement Software

Solicitation Development

Automate soliciation development

RFx & Bid Management
Workflow Automation
Template Library
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Supplier Engagement

Enhance supplier engagement

Supplier Self-Service
Guided Bidding
Social Engagement
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Evaluations & Awards

Collaborate, evaluate, & award

Centralized Bid Scoring
Committee Management
Any Decision Criteria
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contract management software library

Contract Management

Centralize contract management

Spend Tracking
Bi-lateral Contract Approval
Review and Approve
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Gone are the days of relying on word processors, emails, 3-ring binders, spreadsheets and outdated software that fail to sufficiently meet a public procurement professional’s needs. 

OpenGov Procurement’s award-winning end-to-end workflow automation encourages collaboration and accelerates buyers’ processes for compliant solicitation development and contract management.

Modern Cloud Software and People Who Care

“We jumped from being a word processing operation to a collaborative operation, it really moved us forward.”

Walter Rossman, Deputy City Manager - City of Milpitas

"We love it! The system is simple to use as it takes our buyers step by step through the process each time."

Krystyna Owen, Purchasing Agent - City of Norfolk

"We totally need an OpenGov 'easy button' because it’s so easy to use. We are literally in love, if you can love software."

Jennifer L. Olzinger, Chief Procurement Officer - Pittsburgh, PA

“It’s so easy to use that we gave one of our engineers with no experience admin rights and he put together a solicitation on his own. We now would like to add 10 more non-procurement internal customers access so they can draft their own solicitations.”

Carla Murillo, Procurement Manager - City of Bloomington, IL

“OpenGov was definitely our software winner of the year for ease of deployment, functionality, ongoing support, and meeting all expectations.”

Melanie McDonough, Chief Innovation Officer - City of Lebanon, NH

"First and foremost, I want to say what a pleasure it has been working with OpenGov and their team. Its not often that when users make software suggestion to companies, that company listens, engages, and implements those changes. Also, allowing us to publicly post just the pricing as a form of Bid Tab, is great. We want transparency and what better way to show that then, provide the information directly from OpenGov without having to export a document and upload as a notice."

Theodore White, Procurement Agent - Alachua County, FL

"One of the first projects we looked at in OpenGov was digital signage for our two parks. Normally, in our area, we’ll only have maybe one, two sign companies interested in a project like that. We put that project on our OpenGov Procurement platform, and we were able to attract more than half a dozen vendors. As we went through the project, we found out, in getting those six bids back, we were able to cut that cost by more than 50 percent. So, just that first project, right out of the gate, we saw that savings and in theory it paid for the platform itself.”

Brian Dehner, City Administrator - Edgewood, KY

“OpenGov Procurement empowers my team — it doesn’t tell us how to do our jobs, it enables us to do them better and faster."

Shiloh Rogers, Former Purchasing Manager - City of Banning, CA

“With OpenGov, Palm Desert found a procurement solution that was intuitive and helped us automate the solicitation development. Also, to our staff’s relief we are moving away from lengthy, in-person supplier scoring sessions toward a more streamlined, transparent, and collaborative process."

Lori Carney, Director of Purchasing - Palm Desert, CA

Our eProcurement Customers Enjoy…


Satisfied Suppliers

Suppliers enjoy the industry’s most guided and intuitive Vendor Portal, leading to more completed, compliant solicitations and a more sustainable network.

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Greater Strategic Impact

Intuitive guided workflows and step-by-step integrated training means less clerical work— allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Faster, Compliant Solicitation Development

Reduce the Time Needed for RFPs and Fielding Project Submissions

Our industry-leading procurement software turbo-charges eRFx assembly using automation, collaborative guided workflows, and intelligent boilerplates. This proprietary technology leverages inline comments, project tracking reports, and automatic alerts, helping teams build solicitations in record time. Want to spend 75% less time writing RFPs and bids?

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Word processor documents


Training, errors, and omissions


Stacks of paper

Excessive uploading or downloading

Responsibility issues


Public shared scope of work template Library

Stakeholder task assignment reporting

Redlining and detailed auditing

Improved Supplier Engagement + Smarter Evaluations & Awards

Workflow Automation Solutions Built for Government

Keep internal teams and suppliers aligned during the sourcing process, leveraging automated addenda and calendar updates, notifications and automated alerts, in-line instructions, Q&A, live chat support, and workflow reporting. Plus, our cloud procurement software sets stakeholders up for success with guided collaboration features, yielding more intelligent purchasing decisions with unprecedented levels of accountability and teamwork — whether participating in group scoring or engaging with suppliers. Want 4X more completed supplier responses?

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Tabulate bids and side-by-side scoring management (best value or lowest cost line-item)

Utilize online scorecards - no paper needed

Report on individual and cumulative score sheets, plus award summaries

Track project pipelines and stakeholder timelines

Integrate with digital signatures, online forms, electronic notary, and bid bonds

Inform with intent to award notifications

Step-by-step questionnaire-style proposal submissions with error-checking

Access our free self-service vendor database with automated bid notifications

RSVP to pre-bid meetings

Proactive Contract Management 

Track Milestones and Set Alerts for Upcoming Deadlines

Clear your desk by ditching file folders and stacks of binders for paperless electronic contract management software. Internal teams and suppliers enjoy automation, plus better accessibility and collaboration from a single, centralized source. Stay compliant and never miss a deadline again. 

Want to automate contract management and grow your supplier reach?

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Author, review and approve compliant contracts

Vendor performance rating

Searchable contract repository

Contract milestone reporting

Spend order management

Automatic notifications and alerts

Insurance certificate management

Bilateral contract onboarding

Fewer public records requests

Public self-service portal

Vendor self-service portal

Enterprise access with permissions

Did We Mention World-Class Support With 99% Retention?

  • Enjoy onboarding collaboration with former public procurement professionals who have walked-the-walk
  • Experience white-glove service from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to training workshops, live training events and online learning sessions
  • Direct questions to live-chat, email or phone support

Hear From Our Cloud Procurement Customers

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