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Contract Management

Become more proactive with centralized, streamlined contract management software

Drop the Clerical Work

Take control — you won’t miss the clutter or chaos with OpenGov's contract management software

Clear your desk by ditching file-folders and stacks of binders for paperless, electronic contract management software. Enjoy bi-lateral workflows for contract onboarding, renewals and closeouts, plus COI expiration management, built-in transparency, accessibility and collaboration — establishing a single, centralized source of truth for your entire agency.


Author, review, and approve accurate and compliant contracts

Rate and document vendor performance; file complaints when necessary

Automate compliance with records retention policies

Set appropriate transparency access parameters for both internal stakeholders and the public


Invite team members to assist and collaborate on contract drafting and reviews

Reduce public records requests with self-service public portal

Stay aligned with stakeholders using live chat and clause-level task assignment

Manage terms and renewals with electronic bi-lateral workflows

Easy to Use

Easily track COI expiration dates with real-time alerts and supplier notifications

Search by product description to locate associated contracts

Keep projects fully in-line with stakeholders, using eProcurement automation integration

Generate intuitive reports on contract spend and not-to-exceed amounts

Isn't it time you automated contract management?

Managing contracts can be difficult and time-consuming, but it’s crucial to maintain accuracy, compliance, and organization for the benefit of your agency and suppliers. Instead of playing catch up, it’s time to streamline the process and make it more efficient. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Did we Mention Our Contract Management Software Includes World-class Support with 99% Retention?

  • Enjoy onboarding collaboration with former public procurement professionals who have walked-the-walk
  • Experience white-glove service from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to training workshops, live training events and online learning sessions
  • Direct questions to live-chat, email or phone support

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