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Release the data! Empower your decision-makers and public with the right data at the right time in the right format so you can take the right action.

Government Reporting Software
The Case for Better Reporting

Opportunity for agencies is to adopt technology that makes data accessible for collaboration, according to respondents of the State and Local Government survey


Have improved communication of data and insights to the council and Community, but still need multiple stakeholders to find the needed data


Of teams have not grown in the past 2-3 years, while resident expectations around data and transparency continue to rise

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Data for Anyone and Everyone
Grant your team the financial, operational, and community feedback data they need to make smart decisions. Want a deeper look? »

Government Reporting Software

Take Time Back

How many times are you asked to pull the same report on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis? With automatically up-to-date data, reduce time spent creating reports by 80%. That means more time for analysis, more time for insight, and more time for impact.

Community Engagement

Build Public Trust

Trust starts with clear communication. No-code, click-and-drag tools give anyone (with the right permissions) the ability to communicate up-to-date data and narratives to the public.

“It was like the blinders were taken off. We can now slice and dice data like we have never imagined.”
Kim McKlesky
Budget Administrator — Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority
Performance Reporting Software

Give IT a Lunch Break

You can do everything on your own. Easy-to-use reporting tools mean you don’t need technical staff to make changes, and best-in-class security means your data is safe. IT gets to do their most strategic work, and you get to do yours.

Community Feedback

Let's Hear It From the Community

Don’t let the loudest voices dominate—no more decision-making based only on public comment during meetings. Generate 6x more community engagements with feedback, ideas, and priorities to inform your investments and decisions, big and small.

Have you heard the news? OpenGov and iGovServices have joined forces to offer a modern, cloud-based tax collection software!

Open Data

Data for the Geek in Us

Unleash civic innovation with a centralized Open Data portal. We’ll focus on making your data accessible and easy to use so you can focus more time on data quality. And with our automated data collection tools, you get more free time to turn that data into actionable insights.

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