Open Town Hall

Open Town Hall

Get your community involved

Supplement public hearings with surveys, forums, and online meetings.

Increase civic participation

Make participation in government more convenient with online citizen engagement that fits into modern lifestyles.

Understand all sides of an issue

Gain a better understanding of public opinion by filtering out undue influence of those with narrow agendas.

Make better budgeting decisions

Allocate resources more effectively and align your priorities with your community by incorporating public feedback into your budget.

Tap into a growing network

Leverage the Open Town Hall knowledge base to see how other agencies engage citizens, then analyze results across the OpenGov Network™ to put your insights in context.


Encourage involvement

Public engagement is the hallmark of great governance, and public hearings are a mainstay of engagement with government. Leverage the leading online citizen engagement platform to improve civic participation, and make your constituents feel heard. Give seniors, working parents, and busy millennials the opportunity to share their opinion on their own time through multiple, convenient channels of engagement.

Open Town Hall

Track budgeted and actual spending like Allegheny County, PA.


Easily understand feedback

Open Town Hall

Analyze results to gain insights quickly.

Powerful analytics are built into OpenGov to help you understand results quickly. Easily understand demographics, geography, frequency of participation, and compare with financial and performance data across the OpenGov Network™.


Reduce intimidation and undue influence

OpenGov encourages registration and provides residents with choices for how they share their identity. Comprehensive civility monitoring maintains a high level of discourse on the public forum, and reduces intimidation and fraud by motivated individuals with narrow agendas.

Open Town Hall

Easily filter out distortions.

Mobile meetings

Enable residents to participate face-to-face, remotely, or on the go.

Communicate with maps

Easily show residents how issues affect their own neighborhoods.

Tap a growing knowledge base

Browse a library of thousands of online topics to leverage the experience of communities facing similar issues.

Reporting and Transparency Capabilities In Depth

Management Reporting

Make data-driven decisions, find answers faster, and track progress towards strategic goals.

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Transparency and Interactive Stories

Add valuable context with interactive web pages that feature dynamic data tiles, images, videos, text, and more.

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