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Performance Management Reporting

Transform information into action with the leading public sector performance management and reporting software tools.

Make decisions with data you trust

Save time, improve outcomes, and collaborate more effectively.  Achieve strategic initiatives and arrive at equitable outcomes to build credibility with your community.


Centralize your information

Combine both financial and non-financial data and create targets to create a more precise picture of your programs’ outcomes - all within a single platform

Rally everyone to your strategic initiatives

Report access controls means any role gets the precise data they need to drive impact across your org chart and in the community

Engage your community and tell your story

Quickly publish multimedia and interactive visualizations to empower anyone to explore and understand even the most complex data.

Make data-driven decisions

Establish and track KPIs, gain at-a-glance insights, take action with customized alerts, or dive into the details for a deeper analysis

Re-allocate staff time and resources

Automate your data and reporting process so your staff can save time to work on other key initiatives


All your data, on-demand

You and your team work more effectively when you can see the whole picture.

Drive internal transparency and alignment by integrating your financial, operating, and performance data all in one place. Use out-of-the-box visualization tools to monitor and evaluate historical trends, current progress, and projections of future performance.

Empower everyone toward your strategic goals

Create reports and dashboards tailored to any member of your team.  Access and privacy controls ensure you only see the data most impactful to your role. With our unlimited user model, every role can be empowered to drive community outcomes.

Bring Data and Insights into Every Key Decision

Turn data into insights and insights into action.  Keep track of your KPIs with at-a-glance alerts into what you need to focus on and what is going well. Easy drill through options let you understand the nuances of your data for deeper insights.

Spend time acting on data, not searching for it

Take the time you spend fetching data and invest in driving outcomes. When your leadership is aligned and has the data to their questions at their fingertips, you and your team can focus on moving your needles in the right direction.

Build Community Trust

Citizen Engagement Software

Keep your community aligned with integrated transparency tools and engagement tools that flow from your data. Quickly publish interactive web pages with multimedia, narratives, and your performance reports. Ensure  the voice of your community is included in every decision with our engagement platform.

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