Performance Management Reporting

Replace your manual reports with easy-to-use and powerful analytics that quickly transform information into insights to make data-driven decisions


Make decisions with data you trust

Save time, improve outcomes, and collaborate more effectively.  Achieve strategic initiatives and arrive at equitable outcomes to build credibility with your community.


Improve collaboration

Collaboratively create reports directly integrated from your data in OpenGov for accurate reports with fresh and up-to-date information

Make data-driven decisions

Establish and track KPIs, gain at-a-glance insights, take action with customized alerts, or dive into the details for a deeper analysis

Centralize your information

Combine both financial and non-financial data and create targets to create a more precise picture of your programs’ outcomes - all within a single platform

Engage your community and tell your story

Get the conversation going and make better decisions. Intuitive and interactive visualizations empower anyone to explore and understand even the most complex data.


All your data, on-demand

You and your team work more effectively when you can see the whole picture.

Integrate your historical data with OpenGov and empower your staff to access whatever data they need at any time in a collaborative, Cloud-based environment.

Easily consolidate your information

Combine data from different sources in a sleek interface while using OpenGov’s best-in-class reporting features. Create a more accurate picture of historical and current measures to inform decisions and analyze trends.

Easily consolidate your information

Answer the important questions using readily available data and make it easier for your staff and organization to make the decisions they need, while alleviating staff resources and saving time.

Evidence-based performance management for decision making

Shift to performance-based budgeting with a focus on outcomes by tracking relevant KPIs. Use a single source of truth to better inform budgeting and citizen engagement through usable information that can inform end-to-end planning from vision setting through program execution.

Community Engagement and Transparency


Leverage transparency to build trust with constituents by communicating initiatives and progress clearly through Stories and other tools. Report on progress on relevant KPIs to keep your community informed on performance measures and more equitable outcomes.