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Transparency & Interactive Stories

Communicate clearly and keep your residents informed

Share the real story and spend less time responding to rumors. Transform raw data into engaging charts, graphs, maps, and more to improve understanding among the public and decision makers alike.

Maintain credibility

Publicly demonstrate progress on projects and strategic inititives. Show results anyone can understand by uniting financial and performance data and adding valuable context.

Hold vendors accountable

Publish your checkbook and make transactions public to enable staff and citizens to easily explore payments.

Build support for key programs and initiatives

Replace static PDFs of your budget book or CAFR with dynamic, interactive content. Increase interest and understanding to streamline the approval of large expenses and multi-year projects.

Substantiate your story

Let the numbers speak for themselves with public reports and visualizations that are engaging and easy-to-understand. Demonstrate success with data.

“We began rethinking how we engage with our residents. It was clear the status quo wouldn’t work if we wanted to maintain support for revenue streams critical to serving students.”

Ahmad Sheikholeslam, Chief Business and Operations Officer
Menlo Park City School District, CA

“OpenGov empowers citizens to ask the right questions. Now they can go to OpenGov and drill down to the transaction they want to see.”

Trudy Mathis, Senior Financial Services Manager
McKinney, TX


Drill-down to the details

It’s easy to explore financial and performance data via click-through data tiles. Residents, regulators, and staff can quickly understand where money is being spent and how programs are having impact.

Transparency & Interactive Stories

Share debt and lease payment schedules


Publish compelling content

Share debt and lease payment schedules

Create and share content easily using a simple, drag-and-drop page builder to combine your data with images, maps, and narrative context. Present complex information in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand.


Quickly search transactions

Explore payment history by fund, department, date, or vendor. Enable citizens to dive into the details, or create interactive visualizations on demand.

Transparency & Interactive Stories

Easily searchable transaction records

Share what you want

Retain control of what data is shared with public access controls.

Reduce FOIA requests

Save countless hours responding to requests by sharing your data online.

Achieve your objectives

Bring your data together in one place, quickly create and publish content.

Reporting and Transparency
Capabilities In Depth

Management Reporting

Make data-driven decisions, find answers faster, and track progress towards strategic goals.

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Open Town Hall

Gather more public feedback with online forums and surveys.

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