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Supplier Engagement

Evaluations & Awards

Unprecedented Collaboration, Plus
3-4x More Supplier Responses

cloud procurement software on multiple devices
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More completed supplier responses

OpenGov Procurement is designed specifically to empower public procurement teams, like yours.Collaborative workflows set vendors and internal teams up for success, supported by automation features that improve transparency and communication, while reducing finger-pointing and clerical work. Start leveraging paperless, intuitive e-bidding and scoring automation—for a more reliable, strategic and enjoyable process.

Supplier Engagement

Game-changing Automation + Transparent Bi-lateral Workflows = Equity, Happiness and Results

Easy To Use

Wow vendors with guided step-by-step questionnaire-style proposal submissions

Integrate with digital signatures, online forms, electronic notary and bid bonds

Provide vendors with an accessible self-service vendor database

Vendor Portal


Encourage supplier diversity with free self-service vendor portal

Stay aligned with in-suite Q&A management

Automate addenda acknowledgment, calendar updates and reminders

Receive support with real-time chat


Review workflow

Track vendor activity in real-time

Stay compliant with sealed bids, with multi-phase bid opening support

Shift to online public bid openings

Evaluations & Awards

Align SMEs and Procurement; Maximize Strategic Purchasing

Easy To Use

Centralize evaluation committee management — can include external evaluators, with unlimited users

Support both lump-sum and line-item awarding

Leverage bid tabulations and side-by-side scoring management (best value or lowest cost)

Allow vendors to view bids without login obstacles


Send solicitation results with one-click supplier awarding and audited email notifications

Automated reminders and alerts keep teams on track

Inform with intent-to-award notifications


Get insight and report on individual and cumulative score sheets, plus award summaries

Communicate in real-time with in-platform Q&A

Stay on-task with integrated calendar updates and alerts

RFx & Bid Management

Workflow Automation

Template Library

Supplier Self-Service

Guided Bidding

Social Engagement

Multi-phased evaluations

Line Item Awarding

Lowest Responsive

Spend Tracking

Bi-lateral Contract Approval

Contract Development

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