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Tax & Revenue

So long, paper. In the office and online, save 100s of hours with transparent, collaborative, and user-friendly revenue management software.

tax collection software

Modern, cloud-based tax billing and collection for all tax types.


Trusted by Government, Built for Government

You can have it all. Alleviate time constraints and reduce administrative stress with tax billing and collection software designed specifically for tax collectors. Purpose-built for government, OpenGov Tax & Revenue offers expert-level tax billing and collection, designed on decades of processing dynamic property tax and business tax calculations.
municipal tax software
Tax Collection Software

One-Stop Revenue Shop

Make stress and complexity things of the past. Simplify your tax billing and collection procedures, and allow access to employees, residents, and third-party agents, such as mortgage companies and payroll services.

opengov tax software
Municipal Tax Software

Flexibility First

More flexible than a yoga instructor. Manage any or all revenue types mandated in your jurisdiction and consolidate them into one platform. The result is a more organized, efficient approach to managing your revenue streams.

Tax Billing Software

Clear as Glass

Tax & Revenue promotes transparency and usability, facilitating better communication with stakeholders. More transparency means improved financial management and resident satisfaction.

OpenGov Tax & Revenue

Put Down the Phone

Build stronger customer relationships by connecting multiple tax types to a single customer account, improving customer communication while increasing collection rates across shared tax types. Put down the phone. The customer tax portal saves over 100 hours in office phone calls per tax season.

Key Features

Fully integrated real-time data sharing

Ready-to-use interface templates

Seamless payment processing

Built-in Excel data conversion

Fully customizable reporting

Work from anywhere mobile app

Live dashboards display data

Secure and cloud-based

Fully integrated
real-time data sharing

Fully customizable

interface templates

Work from anywhere
mobile app

Seamless payment

Live dashboards
display data

Built-in Excel
data conversion

implementation plan

property tax management software
Property Tax Software

Property Tax

An all-in-one property tax billing and collection system for real estate property, tangible personal property, business property, vehicles, excise, and securities. Plus, empower your taxpayers with the ability to view their history, bills, and receipts, and make online payments. Everyone wins!

Take back some time! Our Assessment Import Wizard saves hours of work on annual and supplemental assessment data. The property tax billing and collection system also includes automated penalty/interest and custom calculation rates, along with integrated mortgage features.

hotel tax collection software
Hotel Lodging Tax Collection

Transient Lodging Tax

Using spreadsheets or Access to track your hotel lodging tax? It can be a headache to find on-time filings, payments, missing filings, delinquent accounts, and other basic info. OpenGov Tax & Revenue simplifies lodgers’ occupancy tax collection with the ability to link multiple records per customer account, making tax collection friendly, flexible, and affordable. Businesses will file and pay online, increasing collection rates and freeing up time for enforcement.

payroll tax collection software
Payroll tax collection software

Occupational/Payroll Tax

Easier than ever occupational tax collection. The flexible occupational tax solution offers unlimited tax types per customer account, adapting to your constituents' specific needs. The filing process is automatic whether your tax cycle files, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Send electronic filing notifications to every customer increasing collection rates and eliminating postage costs.

It gets better. Integrate with payroll companies, like ADP, to automate the transfer of supporting documents, eliminating manual work. Our platform also supports reconciliation and auditing of taxpayer filings to ensure 100% tax compliance.

Alcohol tax collection software
Alcohol tax collection software

Alcohol Tax

Whether your tax cycle files monthly, quarterly, or annually, our intuitive alcohol license and restaurant collection process saves time and automates the renewal process. The process can be based on flat fees or dynamic return-based value calculations.

Our platform integrates with various solutions for direct transfer of supporting documents, eliminating the need for manual scanning and data entry. We also prioritize maximizing tax collection with features for reconciliation and auditing to ensure complete tax compliance.

Sales tax collection software
Sales tax collection software

Sales Tax

It’s time to make sales tax collection a breeze. Create unlimited tax types per customer account and an automatic filing process. Service counties, cities, and towns of any size, customers can file and pay sales tax online and receive electronic delivery of filing forms and late notifications.

municipal tax software
Municipal Tax Software

Other Revenue Types

Throw any tax type its way. OpenGov Tax & Revenue can process Gross Receipts & Net Profits, Business Renewal Taxes, Municipal Citations, and Miscellaneous Taxes.

  • Define custom tax filing frequency for each tax type.
  • Deliver electronic notifications to customers.
  • Accept online tax payments for both flat fees and tax filing return-based tax calculations.
  • Produce a one-time or renewal License Certificate, and deliver it electronically. You guessed it. That means no postage costs.

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