The OpenGov Cloud™

The only integrated budgeting, performance, communications, and reporting solution
for the public sector.

Modern Budgeting, Performance, Communications, and Reporting
for Government

The OpenGov Cloud™ is a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) solution that connects stakeholders to the budget process, aligns budget dollars to performance goals, accurately forecasts workforce costs, and integrates with key government systems—resulting in improved outcomes and enhanced internal efficiencies.

The OpenGov Cloud

Zero Downtime,
Maximum Time-to-Value

A Central Hub For Internal and External Stakeholders

Bring your financial and non-financial data together in one place. Automatically connect your ERP, Excel, HRIS, public safety, 311, and other data sources to The OpenGov Cloud™, ensuring data integrity across the organization. Quickly create and publish content, and easily incorporate feedback, inform and improve your interaction with internal and external stakeholders to strengthen public trust and achieve your communications objectives.

Streamline your Budgeting Process

Save time and build a better budget by collaborating across departments with an integrated cloud-based solution complete with built-in, editable formulas.

Tie your Budget to Performance

Centrally track and analyze how budget dollars impact your organization’s top priorities.

Communicate Clearly

Create, publish and share content quickly and easily with dashboards, images, maps and more. Share via social media, email or your website.

Publish Budget Book

Establish goals for departments, programs, or initiatives, and track relevant KPIs to evaluate spending, performance, and progress.

Plan Effectively, Together

Connect all stakeholders to your budgeting, performance, communications, and reporting processes.

Act on Analysis

Gain at-a-glance insights with dashboards, take action with customized alerts, or dive into the details for deeper analysis.

Broaden Public Participation

Supplement public hearings with online surveys and virtual town halls. Gather feedback from residents by reducing the barriers of involvement.

Increase Accountability

Publicly demonstrate progress on projects and strategic initiatives backed up by financial and performance data.

"OpenGov has changed this entire process, giving me back my life and opening up enough time for me to focus on other priorities for the city. Gone are the days of digging around in spreadsheets...”

Connie Maxwell, Budget Director
City of Burnet, TX

Why OpenGov?

  • OpenGov powers budgeting, performance, and communications for over 2,000 governments.

  • OpenGov’s mission is to power more effective and accountable government.

  • OpenGov employees have served in public sector positions for over 200 years collectively. 

  • OpenGov drives ROI for government. Current customers spend 50% less time on budget development, achieve 80% time savings on reporting, spend 20% less time on information requests, and have re-allocated up to 1% of their budgets for more strategic outcomes. 

  • OpenGov has analyzed over $10 Trillion in expenses and revenues through its online platform.

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