The OpenGov Enterprise Cloud

Drive efficiency and visibility across your government with cloud solutions
designed specifically to meet the needs of the public sector.

The OpenGov Enterprise Cloud

Modern Government Solutions to Power Effectiveness and Accountability

Over 1,000 governments across the U.S. rely on OpenGov to help allocate resources, increase efficiency, improve public engagement and make data and information readily available to staff and elected officials.

A Central Hub For Internal and External Stakeholders

Synchronize your financial and non-financial data across multiple sources with the OpenGov Enterprise Cloud. When any data point changes, all reports automatically update. You can go beyond seeing your outcomes and truly understand the reasoning behind performance with OpenGov’s reporting platform. Then, leverage these insights to provide context and share your results internally and externally.

Streamline your Budgeting Process

Save time and build a better budget by collaborating across departments with an integrated cloud-based solution complete with built-in, editable formulas. Publish an online, interactive budget book to increase internal and external engagement with budget data.

Tie your Budget to Performance

Centrally track and analyze how budget dollars impact your organization’s top priorities. Gain at-a-glance insights with dashboards, take action with customized alerts, or dive into the details for deeper analysis.

Communicate Simply and Clearly

Create, publish, and share content quickly and easily with dashboards, images, maps, and more. Users can easily click into reports for more detail. Align data with context to proactively own the narrative and share via social media, email, or your website.

Reduce Manual and Cumbersome Operations

Centrally manage processes and operations without messy spreadsheets, paperwork, or unwieldy software. Automate processes to cut down on time-consuming manual work.

Plan Effectively, Together

Connect all stakeholders to your budgeting, performance, communications, and reporting processes with key dashboards and performance measures all drawing off a single source of truth.

Improve Customer Service

Leverage intuitive and modern technology to allow residents to conduct necessary government business from the comfort of their own home.

Broaden Public Participation

Supplement public hearings with online surveys, virtual town halls, and budget simulations. Gather feedback from residents by reducing the barriers of involvement.

Increase Accountability

Publicly demonstrate progress on projects and strategic initiatives backed up by financial and performance data.

Modern Budgeting

“We've got project managers who manage capital projects and are taking initiative to add more detail and different levels of detail than even we in the budget office hadn't originally imagined.”

Micah Intermill, Budget Director
City of Minneapolis, MN

Timely Advice

“You'll never, ever, have the perfect situation. Start where you are or you'll never start at all.”

Robin Campbell, Assistant County Manager
Thurston County, WA

Trusted Partner

“We view OpenGov as a strategic partner. They’ve taken the time to listen to what we wanted and built a true partnership with us.”

Maria Zuniga, Business Improvement & Performance Administrator
Bernalillo County, NM

Why OpenGov?

  • A trusted and dedicated partner

    More than 1,000 governments nationwide partner with OpenGov to drive more effective and accountable operations through cloud financial solutions. Built exclusively for state and local government, OpenGov’s software, services, and expertise are backed by over 300 years of employee experience in the public sector.

  • Solutions designed for transparency and collaboration

    Our intuitive solutions streamline the collection, analysis, and communication of complex information for all stakeholders -- helping eliminate silos, accelerate workflows, and increase civic engagement -- allowing customers to re-allocate up to 1% of their budgets for more strategic outcomes.

  • A platform built to grow with you

    Modern cloud architecture allows us to innovate at an unmatched pace, ensuring all of your users have access to the latest features while reducing your IT burden. OpenGov invests more than 40% of our operating costs into R&D based on customer feedback, helping future-proof your investment.

Join the 1,000+ Governments on The OpenGov Enterprise Cloud

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