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Many core processes.
One modern solution.

 Over 1,600 governments across the U.S. rely on OpenGov’s 500+ combined years of government experience to transform public administration through collaborative budgeting, robust financial management, and intuitive resident services solutions delivered with our industry-leading Reporting & Transparency Platform. Our government ERP software solutions include Budgeting & Planning, Procurement, Permitting & Licensing, Reporting & Transparency, and Asset Management.

Budgeting & Planning

Operating Budget
Capital Planning
Workforce Planning
Online Budget Book


Solicitation Development
Supplier Engagement
Evaluations & Awards
Contract Management


Core Financials
Payroll & HR
Utility Billing

Asset Management

Asset Management
Work Management
Resource Management
Infrastructure Planning

Permitting & Licensing

Forms & Workflows
Public Portal
Online Payments

Government ERP Software

The Modern Alternative to
Government ERP

Today, local governments need more than what their traditional ERPs can do alone. Modern financial management requires that governments understand their data deeply to identify trends and develop contingency plans, help citizens understand strategic initiatives, and connect their performance to community impact. They must do this while protecting against growing cyber-threats and supporting a younger, more distributed workforce. For all this, they need modern ERP software.


Tackle Work Any Time, Anywhere

Allow for staff to access mission-critical software from anywhere. OpenGov’s Cloud software enables both centralized and distributed workforces with device-agnostic software that frees your staff to collaborate virtually in a remote environment.


Enhance Collaboration

Easy-to-use interfaces and advanced controls help occasional users such as department heads and citizens complete their tasks while system administrators maintain the control they need for data accuracy and compliance.


Drive Communication and Transparency

Supplement public hearings with online surveys, virtual town halls and council, and budget simulations. Gather feedback from residents by reducing the barriers of involvement. Publicly demonstrate progress on projects and strategic initiatives backed up by financial and performance data.


Reduce the Burden on IT

Backstop risks to your institutional knowledge through enhanced continuity from hassle-free updates, multi-site backups, and robust disaster recovery plans. Lower Time-to-Value through accelerated implementation that configures user-friendly software to your needs and gets your team running quickly.


Break Down Data Silos and Improve Reporting

Centralize data across your government and increase efficiency with integrated end-to-end cloud software. Robust reporting and dashboards provide a single source of truth for up-to-date financial and operational data with context to all stakeholders.


Experience Partnership from the Start

Leverage OpenGov’s passionate, committed staff with over 300 years of collective government experience to make it easy to get needed support and help ensure success before, during, and after implementation. Easily access support through web, chat, phone, or dedicated customer success management based on your needs.


Reduce Manual Operations

Centrally manage processes and operations without complex spreadsheets, paperwork, or unwieldy software with a fully integrated cloud government software. Automate processes to cut down on time-consuming manual work.


Fortify the Security of Critical Data

The OpenGov Cloud leverages best-practice standards for data protection, platform infrastructure, and user access to protect from hacking, DDOS attacks, ransomware, fraud.

Why OpenGov?

ERP software for local governments

OpenGov offers transformative solutions for budgeting, financial management, and resident services with the market-leading reporting and transparency platform -- allowing customers to re-allocate up to 1% of their budgets for more strategic outcomes and save thousands of hours on manual and paper-based processes.

A trusted and dedicated partner

More than 1,600 governments nationwide partner with OpenGov to drive more effective and accountable operations and strengthen public trust. Built exclusively for state and local government, OpenGov’s software, services, and expertise are backed by over 500 years of employee experience in the public sector.

A platform built to grow with you

Modern cloud architecture ensures all of your users have access to the latest features and upgrades while reducing your IT burden, minimizing your cost footprint, and breaking down system and data silos. Thanks to world-class professional services and a roadmap driven by customer feedback, you future-proof your investment for the next generation.

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