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See why hundreds of governments trust OpenGov Permitting & Licensing to power every permitting and licensing workflow.

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See for yourself why 1,600 public agencies in 48 states trust OpenGov to help transform how governments budget, measure performance, engage the public and improve their citizens’ digital experience. Use OpenGov Citizen Services’ drag-and-drop, no code interface to design forms & workflows, schedule virtual inspections, collect fees online, expedite approvals, and improve customer satisfaction.

Paperless Permitting & Licensing

Build forms, design workflows, and collect fees without the help of IT using OpenGov’s drag-and-drop, no code interface.

User-Friendly Online Portal

Prioritize the experience of both applicants and staff with intuitive online self-service options and a custom checklist of all necessary forms and fees.

Real-Time Virtual Inspections

Enable real-time mobile inspections and online scheduling to reduce manual data entry and improve efficiency.

Simplified and Streamlined Reporting

Create dashboards and share data with all stakeholders to track progress against strategic goals.

Powering a more effective government for:

Stamford, CT

Gary, IN

Chattanooga, TN

Chatham County, NC

Cypress, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Gilpin County, ID

Rhode Island