Transform Your Risk Management with Cartegraph Asset Management

Safeguard Your Infrastructure and Plan for a Resilient Future
Cartegraph Asset Management - Risk Management Tool

Taking a proactive approach to safeguarding your essential infrastructure is crucial for preventing long-term social, environmental, and economic impacts. Our risk tool offers enhanced capabilities to help your organization assess and manage the risks associated with your assets more effectively, including:

  • Comprehensive Risk Scores: Evaluate the likelihood of asset failure and the potential consequences to prioritize maintenance and improvements.
  • Triple Bottom Line Approach: Incorporate social, environmental, and economic factors into your risk assessment and planning.
  • Customizable Consequence Matrices: Align risk assessments with your community’s policy priorities and unique needs.
  • Scenario Builder Tool: Budget and plan for the future by making informed decisions on resource allocation.

Key Features:

  • Risk Assessment Tool: Score both the probability and consequence of failure, and automatically calculate risk scores for your assets.
  • Replacement Value Analysis: Determine the current replacement value of your assets and identify high-risk assets within your network.
  • Efficient Asset Management: Manage multiple assets across municipalities, create and assign work orders, and track progress to completion.
  • Future Planning: Project risk levels over the next five, ten, or twenty years and understand the impact of resource allocation on risk reduction.
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