See why over 1,400 public agencies use OpenGov’s Smart Government Platform, the world’s first cloud solution for budgeting, management reporting, and open data.

During the demo, OpenGov experts will show you how you can use OpenGov to streamline your budget process, improve data-driven decision making with management reporting, and inform elected officials and citizens with open data and financial transparency.

You’ll see how you can:


  • Streamline and improve your budgeting and reporting
  • Easily put financial and performance intelligence at everyone’s fingertips
  • Improve open data and engage constituents with a click of the mouse

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Why people love OpenGov

“Gone are the days of digging around in spreadsheets and enduring lengthy proposal submission cycles. OpenGov has streamlined much of the clerical work involved in budgeting, and I could not be more grateful.”

Connie Maxwell, Budget Director
Burnet, TX

“Customer Success made the process of going online with OpenGov simple. It’s very easy. We extracted the financial information from our General Ledger; we verified the results; and we were up!”

Stephen Parker, Administrative Services Director
Stanton, CA

“OpenGov gives managers, elected officials, and citizens one place to go for key information without having to manually integrate legacy financial systems.”

Jay Winzenz, Finance Director
Eau Claire, WI

“The reason I want to do a lot with OpenGov now, and not wait until there’s a crisis, is because the time at which we’re most going to need OpenGov is also the time at which we’ll be least able to think about it. We’ll need to just have all of that information in front of us so we can act intelligently rather than with panic.”

Jason Loveland, Director of Finance
Northglenn, CO

“This ease of use enabled OpenGov to become Allegheny County’s base of reporting and its official record. It’s our one-stop shop for an honest measure of the truth.”

Tony Cholewinski, Assistant to the Deputy Controller of Management Systems
Allegheny County, PA

“As I had questions or ran into stumbling blocks, my Customer Success representatives were incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. It was nearly always only a matter of minutes before I got help. Also, I love that there always seem to be new developments that keep information from seeming static and stale. We have had lots of great feedback since we launched – people like and actually continue to use the site, which of course is the whole point! OpenGov ROCKS.”

Mona Brooks, Accountant
Loveland, CO