3 Ways to Modernize Your Park Asset Management and Save Your Team Time

The trail to smarter parks starts here!

Struggling to keep track of all the different assets in your park system due to an outdated, manual process based on paper forms? From playgrounds and pavilions to roads and facilities, it’s easy to lose track of inventory, maintenance schedules, and more, without the right plan in place to track park infrastructure.

New tools designed specifically for park use can help streamline park asset management. Start tracking everything in a digital system and say goodbye to paper and time-consuming manual work.

Watch this webinar to:

  • See how to modernize your park asset management, keeping your parks in tip-top shape year-round.
  • Learn how a concrete framework helps you establish an accurate inventory of your park assets and stay on top of preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Get tips for protecting your budget—and securing even more funds—by using data to back up your requests, while also creating a digital record of inspections and maintenance to protect your department from lawsuits.

Looking to simplify park management? Check out our park & recreation software, powered by Cartegraph Asset Management!


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