Beyond the Numbers: The Online Budget Book

Your guide to a GFOA award-winning budget document.

The weighty, multi-hundred-page printed budget book has been the unavoidable standard for decades. After all, what alternatives were there?

But in today’s rising standards of the finance office, requiring better alignment with results and impact, printed budget books no longer make the cut. Nor does it meet GFOA’s standard for a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.

Learn how an online budget book can deliver in these 4 key uses, which also align with the GFOA’s criteria for an award-winning budget book.

  • A Policy Document: Provides a consistent place that the community can go to where they know what information they are viewing is true, comprehensive, and current
  • A Financial Plan: Helps connect your data to community initiatives and priorities
  • An Operations Guide: Has a clear, clickable table of contents that can instantly take the reader to where they want to go to learn more
  • A Communications Device: Puts information online, where residents expect to get it
  • PLUS: how can you start preparing an interactive budget document for the next budget cycle.

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