Getting Started with GIS for Asset Management Webinar

What assets do you have? Where are they located? What condition are they in?

To build smarter capital improvement plans, increase attention to deferred maintenance, and more, you need to be able to find the answers to these questions easily.

The solution lies in harnessing the power of GIS and strategic asset management. Whether you’re an ArcGIS guru, a public works director who is somewhat familiar with the GIS data available to you, or you recently lost your GIS expert and you’re looking for help, there are actionable steps you can take now.

No matter where you are today on the GIS maturity curve, watch this webinar in partnership with ETM to:

  • Understand what GIS is and why it’s important for asset management
  • See where to start with GIS data for infrastructure management
  • Learn tips on navigating setup with asset management for ArcGIS
Picture of Brant Scheidecker
Brant Scheidecker

Solutions Engineer, OpenGov

Picture of Reid Christianson
Reid Christianson

Solutions Engineer, OpenGov

Picture of Sarah Grimsley
Sarah Grimsley

Geospatial Program Manager, England-Thims & Miller

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