Modernize Government Financial Processes in California

How to Welcome a New Era of Accounting Excellence

Government financial processes are in need of an upgrade now, more than ever before. With a perfect storm of challenges, such as reporting and audit requirements, cybersecurity threats, and legacy knowledge leaving with retiring employees, the time is now for many local governments to rethink their financial processes.

This webinar, hosted by Stuart Langer, Senior VP of Product Strategy, OpenGov, and Amber McClure, Solution Architect, OpenGov and former Chief Budget Officer, Escambia County, FL, covers:

  • Why the most common approaches to managing government accounting are not capable of meeting modern challenges
  • How other agencies in California are rethinking financial processes and the results 
  • Actionable steps you can take now to build a future-proof process
Peggy A. Gibbons
Peggy A. Gibbons

Enterprise Applications Support Specialist II
City of Menlo Park, CA

Stuart Langer
Stuart Langer

Senior VP of Product Strategy, OpenGov

Amber McClure
Amber McClure

Solution Architect, OpenGov
Former Chief Budget Officer, Escambia County, FL

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