Proactive Planning: Tips for Improving Visibility and Collaboration

Combine the sheer volume of manual tasks with a lack of visibility into future plans, and it can be a challenge to get ahead of planning for your community.

In this session, we’ll share innovative strategies and practical tips aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of planning processes.

Whether it’s streamlining workflows, leveraging technology for better task management, or implementing collaborative tools that bring teams together, fostering a more connected and transparent work environment is the key to proactive planning. Discover how to transform reactive responses into proactive strategies, including how to:

  • Enhance visibility across projects and initiatives, allowing for more informed decision-making and prioritization.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, both within planning teams and with community stakeholders, to ensure that projects are aligned with community needs and visions.
  • Implement proactive communication strategies to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged, reducing misunderstandings and increasing community trust.
  • Adopt cutting-edge tools and techniques to reduce the burden of manual work, freeing up time for strategic planning and community engagement.


Picture of Jose Alcantar
Jose Alcantar

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James Farrell

CIO — Village of Bolingbrook, IL


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Molly Brenner

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