Reinventing the Budget Book: Lessons from Rochester, NY

Budget teams like to do things by the book, but the days of a static budget book are numbered – Printed files, massive spreadsheets and black box processes make budget collaboration and transparency impossible. Innovative cities like Rochester, New York, have made the move to an online budget book. As a result, the city’s various departments can easily collaborate on the budget, and city council members and residents can better understand Rochester’s priorities and finances – from capital planning and workforce planning to tracking investments made with federal funds.

Watch this webinar featuring leadership from Rochester’s Office of Management and Budget and industry experts from Government Technology and OpenGov for insight on how agencies can reinvent their budget books. Also:

  • How digitizing the budget book improves the budget process from end-to-end
  • The value of an online budget book for stakeholders and community
  • Why cities and counties are advancing their budget process (and book) to drive strategic priorities and reporting
Picture of Shonte Eldgridge — Moderator
Shonte Eldgridge — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Picture of Sarah Boyce
Sarah Boyce

Management and Budget Analyst, Rochester, NY

Picture of Samantha Chandler
Samantha Chandler

Solutions Engineer, OpenGov

1600+ agencies trust OpenGov to power more effective and accountable government