Removing Barriers to Bids

Best Practices for Equitable Opportunities for Local Suppliers

The urgency of equitable public spending cannot be overstated in bolstering community strength. However, local governments often fail to provide fair contracting opportunities for DBEs, who compete with larger companies that are politically connected, able to access financing, and have more available resources to navigate the processes of working with governments.

Due to inadequate tools and difficult processes, DBEs face an uphill battle from solicitation development through evaluations and awards. Join this session to discover how other communities are making it easier than ever to give small, local, emerging businesses more opportunities to work with them, while improving internal processes at the same time.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The biggest barrier to entry for DBEs
  • Why solicitation automation is important to widening your supplier pool
  • How agencies are getting more compliant submissions
  • And how your team also reaps the benefits

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