Space Management For Educational Institutions [3-part series]

Whether you’re a college, university, museum campus, or K-12 school district, your team faces unique challenges as you manage your extensive network of buildings and spaces. As budgets tighten, expectations rise, and costs to build or maintain properties soar, it’s your job to make the most of every square foot by firmly understanding your space capacities and utilization rates.

Watch the on-demand, 3-part series uncover common pain points and industry best practices. You’ll also see how your peers use data to answer questions, make smarter decisions, and meet their goals.

Part One: Space Management Overview

Stu reviews common space management struggles during this session and shares best practices that support flexibility and resilience. You’ll uncover:

  • Key challenges and business problems the industry is facing.
  • Leadership questions your team should be prepared to answer.
  • Sources and standards: the keys to clean, reliable space data.

Part Two: Data Management

Accurate and complete space data is critical to making strategic decisions, solving problems, and answering questions. In the second webinar in the series, you’ll learn best practices around:

  • Building a strong data foundation by beginning with the end in mind.
  • Leveraging CAD and BIM data in your practice.
  • Capitalizing upon recent advances in data capture technology.
  • Capturing and classifying your inventory by type, use, accessibility, and more.

Part Three: Indirect Cost Recovery

For colleges and universities, millions of dollars in federal cost reimbursements depend on accurately accounting for space allocation and usage. In this session, Stu and Jeff highlight:

  • An overview and history of federal cost reimbursement in the U.S.
  • Tips for ensuring your space reporting is current, complete, and transparent.
  • Strategies for enlisting department space administrators into data management.

Watch the Webinar

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