Stop Disqualifying Before the Race Begins:

Tips for Enhancing Your Supplier Experience and Boosting Diversity

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, local government procurement teams face the dual challenge of ensuring a seamless supplier experience while actively promoting diversity within the procurement processes. It’s a tall order and for many, it’s time to transform their approach and achieve these crucial objectives.

In this webinar, our speakers share innovative strategies and best practices that can significantly enhance the supplier experience, streamline operations, improve supplier engagement, and ultimately, drive better outcomes for your community.

Key takeaways include:

  • City of Seattle Case Study: Hear Procurement Program Manager Juli Salinas share what tactics have successfully improved the City’s supplier ecosystems.
  • Understanding Supplier Needs: Learn how to identify and address the common challenges and barriers faced by suppliers when engaging with local government procurement systems. Sneak peek: It starts with clear communication and transparency in processes.
  • Diversity-Driven Procurement: Unpack the benefits of a diverse supplier base and learn practical steps to attract and retain minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses. We will provide insights into setting up supplier diversity programs, monitoring their effectiveness, and ensuring compliance with broader inclusivity objectives.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Can you hear suppliers now? Gain expertise in setting up robust feedback loops with your suppliers. Understand the role of continuous feedback in refining procurement processes and how it can lead to improvements in supplier satisfaction and engagement.

Whether you are looking to revamp your current processes or are starting from scratch, the insights and tools provided will help you create a more dynamic, inclusive, and efficient procurement system.


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Jose Alcantar

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James Farrell

CIO — Village of Bolingbrook, IL


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Molly Brenner

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