Stop Playing with Fire: How to Manage Infrastructure Asset Risk So You Know You’re Covered

Does worrying about deferred maintenance keep you up at night?

Do you feel like you just don’t know when your assets might fail, how that could impact your community, or how exactly to track the risk of failure and prepare for it?

Mounting pressures are contributing to the increase of risk in asset management, including:

  • Ballooning deferred maintenance
  • Limited resources
  • Growing populations
  • Shifting patterns of employment and land use
  • Risk-related disruptions and emergencies

Take action now to help avoid asset risk. Join this webinar to get insights into how to address risk in your infrastructure asset management work so that you know you’re covered.

Picture of Kip Bontemps
Kip Bontemps

Enterprise Asset Management Associate Product Manager

Kip has spent the last 16 years working with local city, county, and state governments to address asset and work management needs.­ ­ Over that time, he has gained a wealth of domain knowledge surrounding asset management. This knowledge includes a fundamental understanding of the life cycle, deterioration curves, standard maintenance strategies, and risk management. Kip has worked directly with clients and engineering firms as a business analyst/product manager, gathering requirements for risk management which led to the current risk functionality in Cartegraph Asset Management.

Picture of Jeff Burch
Jeff Burch

Asset Manager
City of Olathe, KS

Jeff Burch has been working with the City of Olathe, KS for over 18 years. He began his work for the City as a GIS Analyst, a role he held for a decade. After that, he worked as a Maintenance Manager for three years, and then moved into his current role of Asset Manager, which he’s held since 2017.

Picture of Louis DeLaCruz
Louis DeLaCruz

Project Specialist-Asset Management
Gulf Coast Water Authority­

Louis DeLaCruz has been a Project Specialist in Asset Management for the Gulf Coast Water Authority for almost seven years. Before that, he worked as a Logistics Specialist for the U.S. Air Force for eight years. In his current work, Louis has developed detailed risk mitigation plans for asset management to help anticipate and avoid potential incidents.

Picture of Presenter Name
Presenter Name

Senior Project Manager
Wade Trim

David has spent his entire career helping clients manage large amounts of data to achieve their goals. As a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, his early experience was built in computer programming and data architecture. David now serves as a Project Manager for Wade Trim, a civil engineering consulting firm based out of Detroit, MI. Leveraging his 27 years of engineering and asset management experience, he helps municipalities, water and sewer authorities, utilities, universities, and private industrial clients achieve success. David is certified by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO). Outside of work, David enjoys spending time with his family and playing soccer.

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