The Budget Manager’s Guide to Improving Dollar-for-Dollar Impact

Join OpenGov for a webinar on how to get more out of each dollar in your budget.

Inflation is a big deal. $72 billion big, in fact. That’s the number of additional budgets needed just for governments to offer the same service level provided in 2020. Now’s the time to better plan, budget, manage, and engage for each fiscal year, allowing you to overcome the challenges of inflation and make a bigger budget impact.

Join this webinar to learn how to make every dollar count and drive community outcomes, including best practices for:

  • Aligning the budget to strategic priorities, goals, and initiatives
  • Building operating scenarios to handle future unknowns and drive decisions today
  • Maximizing your workforce budget through greater accuracy and forecasting
  • Collecting and prioritizing capital projects to maximize your impact
  • Getting your council, your executives, and your community all aligned and engaged in your progress

Watch the Webinar

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