The Two Week Notice: How Leading Procurement Agencies Are Dealing with Talent Management and Succession Planning

If your procurement office hasn’t already been touched by the Silver Tsunami, it may soon be. And whether or not this particular cultural trend impacts your procurement team, employee turnover is always a battle.

And you know, with every leaving employee, along goes both legacy process knowledge and the ability to get the same level of work done. The good news is that you can help prevent the challenges of employee turnover in your procurement office by modernizing your processes.

  • Streamline your procurement office and safeguard against the loss of process knowledge with defined automated workflows.
  • Empower staff to develop RFPs faster with a collaborative solicitation development process, minimizing the need for training new staff.
  • Keep your procurement team motivated and engaged by speeding up procurement processes, enabling them to focus on strategic work and make a bigger impact on your organization.
Picture of Thao Hill
Thao Hill

SVP, OpenGov

Picture of Antonio Watson
Antonio Watson

Project Manager, City of Pasadena

Picture of Craig Rader
Craig Rader

Purchasing Agent, County of Sacramento

Picture of Sylvester Donelson
Sylvester Donelson

Director of Procurement, San Joaquin County Regional Transit District

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