How Modern Permitting and Licensing Creates Great Communities for All

Trust Building, Accountability & Access and Control

Innovative planners are always looking for ways to have a big impact on their communities. But they face a lengthy to-do list and a myriad of operational challenges, often without the support of needed resources.

However, there is one area where all planning teams can drive outsized results for their communities: modernizing the permitting and licensing experience.

  • How to build resident trust by demonstrating digital relevance with streamlined permitting and licensing
  • How to ensure equity, inclusion, and accessibility for all residents, regardless of location
  • How to drive accountability through collaboration by automating manual steps in permitting and licensing
  • Going from new code to code enforcement by putting access and control into the hands of everyone in local government
Picture of Brant Birkeland, AICP
Brant Birkeland, AICP

Solutions Engineer

Picture of Jacob B. Gonzalez
Jacob B. Gonzalez

Director of Community and Economic Development
The City of Pasco, WA

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