Score Some ME Time

Is manually entering scorecards into spreadsheets your version of ME time? OpenGov’s Procurement software wants to change that, with modern cloud efficiency. 

Imagine. Efficient procurement. Who is that good for?!

Modern Procurement Propaganda

Flip The Script and Implement A Modern Workflow

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Surprising Stats From Procurement Pros

We asked 100+ purchasing pros questions about their procurement process. What they said might surprise you.

Transform Your Relationship With Vendors and Suppliers

Solicitation Development

Compliant Solicitations

Build high quality solicitations in record time using award-winning RFx assembly automation
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Supplier Engagement

Paperless & Intuitive

Unprecedented Collaboration + 3-4x More Supplier Responses
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Evaluations & Awards

Aligned Teams

Align SMEs and Procurement; Maximize Strategic Purchasing
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Contract Management

Bi-lateral Workflows

Become more proactive with centralized, streamlined contract management
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Customer Stories

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