Sign Management

Keep your signs in top shape and commuters safe. Built on MUTCD standards, our simple yet powerful traffic sign management app helps you inventory and map all your signs, build smart sign maintenance programs, and comply with FHWA mandates. 

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Simplify Your Traffic Sign Maintenance Program

Use traffic sign inventory software to know what signs you have, where they’re located, and what condition they’re in. Document retroreflectivity inspections and attach photos from your phone.

Perform the right work on the right sign at the right time. From routine repairs to unexpected replacements, use OpenGov to assign, schedule, and complete tasks from anywhere.

Labor, equipment, materials: track the resources used for every task. Keep an eye on your sign budget and start using data instead of best guesses to guide your decisions.

Asset Management Basics

From crafting your asset management strategy to performing your initial street sign inventory, this ebook and worksheet combo will guide you every step of the way.


Inventory Signs in a Snap

Add a sign to your inventory just by taking a picture on your iOS or Android device. Cartegraph automatically detects the asset type, maps the GPS location, attaches the photo, and even records the MUTCD code. 

"We know where every sign is. We've got reports at people's fingertips and we're thinking about data in a different way."
Multnomah, OR

Justify Budget Requests

Capital improvement plans to budget requests, use OpenGov dashboards and reports to show just how much money you need, why, and what impact it will have on your traffic management network.


Already have your asset data in ArcGIS? Great news: Our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up in Cartegraph for enhanced asset management and analysis.

More about our partnerships

Using OpenGov data, the City of Colorado Springs protected itself from a $250,000 negligence lawsuit stemming from an incident involving a downed stop sign.

Reduce Risk and Liability

Accidents happen, but lawsuits shouldn’t have to. Rest easy knowing Cartegraph is automatically documenting inspection and maintenance activities for all the regulatory, warning, and guide signs in your community.

Built for Your Agency

Need to manage 100 signs? 100,000? Cartegraph is designed and perfectly priced for agencies of all sizes. The purpose-built, cloud-based app is powered by AWS, meaning you never have to fret about security, servers, or adding IT staff.


Need more than just signs? From pavement and signals to traffic cameras and sidewalks, OpenGov’s enterprise solutions have you covered.

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