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Modern Budget Building and Financial Management

Transform the way your budget and finance teams work with collaborative budgeting, streamlined financial management, automated procurement, and robust performance management. It’s all backed by over 500 years of public sector experience.


Focus on Strategy, Not Clerical Work

Spend your time on analysis and insight rather than outdated manual processes. Use budget and finance tools that stretch your resources further.

Build a Sustainable and Repeatable Process

Create a compelling and award-winning narrative that clearly explains your priorities and tradeoffs, with data that updates automatically.

Improve Outcomes with One Integrated Solution

With budget creation, scenario planning, budget vs actuals reporting, transparency, and audit tracking, work in one place all year long.

High-Performance Budget Management

Minneapolis, MN 

Minneapolis, MN (B&P)
Strategic Budgeting Software

Build a Better Budget

Capital, workforce, and operating, oh my! Plan your community’s future, meet rising expectations, and drive real outcomes with year-round budgeting and planning software built for your needs.


Amplify Your Impact

Building the budget is just the beginning. Publish an online budget book, easily monitor budgets-vs-actuals, track performance reporting, and more in one integrated tool. Connect and update reports, dashboards, and project pages to keep everyone, from your public to your executives, informed.

“In the middle of a meeting, if the Council has a question, I can immediately go to a chart, share my screen, or talk through the numbers. When we have those immediate answers, it helps our credibility with the Council.”
Jennifer Tell
Budget Manager — City of Alameda, CA

Get to the Core Finances

The specialized needs of local government finance can be found in modern cloud software. From a flexible Chart of Accounts to utility billing, finance teams are saying goodbye to decades-old technology. Experience it for yourself with our cloud-based government financial management software.


Answers to Every Finance Question

Start a timer: How long did it take you to find and format that data? Whether it’s reporting on budget-vs-actuals or checking payment status, save hours every week with a solution designed to put data at your fingertips.

Can You Hear Them?

Seamlessly collect community feedback with software built to increase interaction and engagement on priorities and initiatives.

Procurement Synced

Stay in the purchasing loop with automated procurement software for contract management and supplier engagement.

No Surprise Proposals

Collect, prioritize, and evaluate budget proposals in one system that eliminates manual spreadsheet work. (Sorry, spreadsheets.)

Bring Data to Life

Transform raw data into engaging charts, graphs, maps, and more to improve understanding for the public and decision-makers alike.

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