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Strategic Asset Management Software for Public Works

Public works teams trust the OpenGov Cloud to help them manage workflows, track maintenance costs, and make data-driven decisions. Empower your team to analyze performance, spend smarter, build capital improvement plans, procure faster, and more.


Inventory Your Assets

Streets, signals, sewers, signs: know what assets you have, where they're located, and what condition they're in. Perform inspections, attach photos, and more from the field.

Manage Your Work Orders

Perform the right maintenance work at the right time. From routine repairs to unexpected replacements, use Cartegraph to assign, schedule, and complete tasks from anywhere.

Track All Your Resources

Labor, equipment, materials: track the resources used for every task. Keep an eye on your public works budget and use data instead of best guesses to guide your decisions.

High-Performance Public Works

Salt Lake City, UT

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Analyze, Share, and Act

Labor, equipment, materials: track the resources for every work order. Plus, say goodbye to deferred maintenance. Perform the right work at the right time.

“We are working smarter, not harder with the use of technology, and that really is a result of what we are doing with OpenGov.”
Brian Rowe
Deputy Director of Public Works — Windsor, CO
Public Works Asset Management Software

Work From Anywhere

With easy-to-use iOS and Android apps, everything you need is in your pocket. Whether you're patching potholes or flushing hydrants, create, track, or complete work orders and view maintenance history on the spot.

Did you know? Cartegraph Asset Management can be paired with Permitting & Licensing! Once linked, Permitting & Licensing workflows will automatically create tasks in Asset Management and form a link between permits, work, and asset history.

Resident Engagement

Wow Your Residents

Potholes, downed signs, and more. Pair OpenGov with your 311 to route resident requests straight to the team that does the work–and send notifications along the way. Then use public-facing dashboards to keep your community in the loop on the work being done.

Give Permitting the Right of Way

Simplify permit management with user-friendly workflows to help your team quickly manage ROW, grading, encroachment, and other public works permits. All online. No hand-delivered paper or emailed PDFs required.

Preventative Maintenance

OpenGov’s time or usage-based preventive maintenance plans will help your public works team cut costs, reduce downtime, and extend the life of your assets and equipment.

Turbocharge Procurement

Get equipment, contractors, and other goods and services faster so you can do your job faster. Stay aligned on spending, capital project improvements, vendor evaluations, and contract management with automated procurement.

Use these free high-performance resources to work smarter and make better decisions today.

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High-Performance Asset Management Handbook
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Preserve Your Pavement: A Data Driven Approach to Managing Your Most Expensive Asset
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