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Water Utility Management


Software for Water Management

Keep everything flowing from water distribution to wastewater and wastewater treatment. Trust OpenGov’s simple yet powerful utility asset management software to help you maintain every asset, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance.


Inventory Your Assets

Mains, meters, sewers, hydrants: with OpenGov Asset Management, you'll know exactly what assets you have and the condition they’re in. Document inspections and attach photos on the go.

Manage Your Work Orders

Do the right work on the right asset at the right time. From preventative water utility maintenance to unexpected repairs, use OpenGov to assign, schedule, and complete work orders from anywhere.

Track All Your Resources

Hydrant leaks to water quality issues: organize and track requests in Cartegraph. Improve crew response times, share status updates, and exceed service level expectations.

High-Performance Software for Utility Asset Management

Clay County Utility Authority, FL

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One city is saving over 120 hours per team member each year by eliminating their daily morning work order distribution meeting. Learn how »

Water Utility Compliance and Reporting

Meet Water Regulations

Ensure crews capture the right data and check every box with guided inspections and automated workflows. Monitor dashboards and customize reports in the utility management system to comply with federal and state water requirements like the LCRR.

One city is saving over 120 hours per team member each year by eliminating their daily morning work order distribution meeting. Learn how »

Utility Asset Management Software

Never Miss a Beat

With OpenGov’s easy-to-use iOS and Android apps, everything you need is in your pocket. Whether you're underground or outdoors, quickly create, track, or complete tasks and view historical inspection data on the spot.


Already have your asset data in ArcGIS? Great news: Our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up in OpenGov for enhanced asset management and analysis.

Wastewater Asset Management Software

Wastewater Covered, Too

Proactively inspect sewers, attach CCTV footage, and automatically create follow-up tasks. Avoid overflows and breaks by using that condition data to build data-driven preventative maintenance plans.

“It used to take 30 minutes to hand out assignments. Now, the crews come in, the foremen have their tasks in the iPads, and they’re off.”

Kristen Steach
Wastewater Technical Services Coordinator — City of Kingsport, TN
Water Utility Software Integrations

Get Integrated

From SCADA software and IoT devices to facility and finance solutions, we integrate with practically everything. OpenGov’s open system empowers you to use your data however, wherever, and in whatever platforms you choose.

Unclog the Procurement Pipe

From solicitation development to contract management, OpenGov allows users to build solicitations 75% faster and increase responses 3-4X.

Pipeline to Better Data

Meet safety regulations and deliver safe drinking water without a purchasing holdup or contract issue. Automate the entire procurement process from start to finish.

Make Every Dollar Count

 See a greater impact and give greater transparency with end-to-end government budgeting software for all of your budgeting needs.

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