Bolster capital project
planning and reporting

Enhance Capital Project Reporting

Examine historical CIP financial information and revenue trends to inform forecasts and budgeting. Track the financials throughout the project to adjust to changing circumstances.

Engage the Public

Explain the finances of hot-button projects to the public. Walk through a project’s financial logic with bondholders and banks. Show businesses how you plan to upgrade your community’s infrastructure and pay for it.

Streamline CIP Reporting

Review individual projects’ vendor transactions, expenditures, and budgets. Prepare reports for key stakeholders such as elected officials and granting agencies. Link vendors and transactions to projects.

Add Geographic Context with Maps

Explore metrics such as capital project expenditures by region and traffic by bridge. With the click of a button, toggle between charts, tables, and maps.

Improve internal project planning and management

Eau Claire funding by source

Simplify financial reporting with anytime, anywhere access

Monitor and report on individual or groups of projects with interactive charts and tables. Prepare legislative progress reports, invoices, and quarterly grant reimbursement reports. Review expense postings, detailed reports, and program audits. Filter, organize, and export charts and tables with ease.

View a single-screen summary of multi-year, multi-fund records

Visualize complex, multi-year projects’ budgets and activity on one screen and drill into the details with the click of a mouse. See how a project’s funding sources, expenditures, and revenue streams change over time.

Gain new insights into contractor and other vendor billings

Analyze vendor transactions by linking capital projects to your Checkbook. Monitor vendor payments and compare transactions across projects when reviewing vendor performance.

Eau Claire CIP by Fund

Engage elected officials

Explain financial challenges and funding proposals to elected officials. Intuitively explore complex issues such as the future cost of deferred maintenance with Saved Views that support your presentation. Build support for your recommendations by walking through your proposed capital budget at public forums.

Discuss options with decision-makers with “What if” modeling. Visualize alternate project budgets based on changes in funding, expected construction costs, or other variables.

Involve stakeholders beyond the organization

Sausalito Tax Revenue

Provide detailed answers to auditors and grant program managers

Export charts and tables with the click of a mouse and add them to your reports. Embed links to Saved Views and allow readers to interact directly with your reports on their own, saving time for both parties.

Engage bond holders and financial institutions

Walk debt underwriters and ratings agencies through a project’s financial assumptions and logic as you assemble information to support a new debt issue, or refinance existing obligations.

McKinney sales tax by industry

Build support from citizens and businesses with on-demand transparency

Explain ballot measures approving financing structures for key projects such as a debt issuance to fund the overdue highway projects necessary to keep up with growing commuter traffic. Show businesses how you plan to provide the infrastructure they need to thrive in your community.

McKinney Capital Projects Heatmap

Add geographic context with maps

Share project information by location, status and budget with elected officials and the public. Show how your government’s projects and plans reflect the community’s most pressing infrastructure challenges.

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