The Smart, Powerful, and Collaborative Platform for Government

Unify Your Data

Maximize your data’s value by connecting it with OpenGov, an intelligent, format-agnostic platform. Deliver powerful analytics and insights while extending the life of your existing infrastructure. Empower decision-makers with anytime, anywhere access.

Accelerate Analysis

Enable users across your organization to collaborate and communicate with ease. Deploy advanced reporting, budgeting, and visualization tools that are a joy to use and were designed specifically for the public sector with input from government leaders.

Secure, Scalable, and Accessible

Provide managed access while reducing the risk of file corruption, email breaches, and shadow IT. Grant users the ability to use OpenGov without jeopardizing security or stability through advanced permissioning. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry leader in secure cloud technology, your data is always safe and accessible.

Achieve Fast Time-to-Value

Quickly and easily deploy OpenGov with the assistance of our dedicated Customer Success team and reduce strain on IT resources. Customized trainings, product videos, and monthly webinars mean users gain immediate benefits.

Innovate Without Interruption

Reclaim Your Agenda

Focus on strategic initiatives, service delivery, and value creation instead of ticket queues and ad hoc requests. Over 1,400 governments use OpenGov solutions for planning, operating, and communicating, freeing up critical time and resources.

Agile and Streamlined

Out of the box, OpenGov has cutting-edge and powerful capabilities. Cloud delivery ensures that users always have the latest update, without any installations or maintenance from your IT department.

The Next Generation of Open Data, Powered by Enterprise-Ready CKAN

Proven and Versatile

Leverage the same proven open data platform used by the United States, United Kingdom, and major US cities and counties such as Boston, MA and Maricopa County, AZ. Connect to virtually any data source through advanced ETL tools.

Open Source by Design

Make every dataset available via APIs. Empower developers and civic hackers around the world to collaborate and invent valuable new applications for your community. Open source means CKAN becomes more valuable, secure, and useful each day.

All Formats Welcome

Store and publish structured or unstructured data, from tabular datasets to PDFs, images, and geospatial data.

Industry Leadership

OpenGov Open Data™ is directed by Joel Natividad and Sami Baig, the foremost experts on open data in North America.

Peace of Mind

Hackers, fires, floods. Threats to your on-premise server seem to grow by the day. By moving to the cloud, your data will be hosted in the world’s most secure data centers, backed up across regions, and accessible 24/7.

Software-as-a-Service ensures that you always get the benefit of the latest server hardware, the best software, and the most experienced and vigilant security experts protecting your data.

It’s like infrastructure that only gets better with age, at a fraction of the cost.

Data uploaded to OpenGov is available to authorized users anywhere, anytime, so you’ll never worry about setting up VPNs and other remote access protocols.

“OpenGov gives managers, elected officials, and citizens one place to go for key information without having to manually integrate legacy financial systems.”

Jay Winzenz
Finance Director, Eau Claire, WI

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