Engage Citizens

Build public trust and support difficult decisions with compelling reports. Meet your open data needs with maps, dashboards, and more.

Streamline Budgeting

Empower departments to submit proposals into a central platform, monitor the budget’s status in real-time, and illustrate opportunities and tradeoffs to elected officials and the public.

Understand Revenue

Gain on-demand revenue insights, improve revenue modeling with “What If?” analysis, and explain the implications of different policy options.

Manage Expenses

Track expenditures across departments, drill into expenses across funds, and find issues and opportunities early with real-time transaction reporting.

Streamline the Budget Process

Conduct Research

Explore multi-year financials and performance with annual, YTD, and transaction-level reporting. Expand your research to other jurisdictions with consistent benchmarking across the OpenGov Network™. Gain the insights you need to make budgetary decisions informed by historical trends.

Run a Coordinated, Collaborative Budget Process

Empower stakeholders across the agency to support proposals and supporting documentation into a centralized, user-friendly platform. Save budget teams hundreds of hours and errors through automatic reconciliation, real-time status updates on the budget, report generation, and more. Free up time to focus on evaluating proposals, proactive planning, and exploring alternative solutions.

Share the Budget’s Progress at key Milestones

Budget Milestones Reports show the numbers at key stages and keep everyone updated on their proposals’ status. Share proposed budgets throughout the entire organization for feedback and buy-in. Eliminate haggling over facts and distribute intuitive, interactive financial reports to relevant stakeholders.

Prepare Documents for Presentation

Export tables and charts for your council presentations and budget book. Spend less time preparing graphics and more time crafting policy.

Engage Elected Officials and the Public Throughout the Process

Update elected officials and citizens on the budget’s progress. Release interactive Budget Milestones, Annual Reports, and Current Year information with the click of a button.

Inform Capital Project Planning

Improve project planning and management using streamlined reporting. Explore multi-year capital budgets and financial history to inform funding plans for critical projects. Compelling maps and graphs make it easy to inform elected officials and engage stakeholders such as financial institutions.

McKinney sales tax by industry

Guide Economic Development

Find revenue opportunities by exploring your tax by industry data in OpenGov. Defend recommendations with compelling reports and share projections with local businesses.

Optimize Operations

OpenGov gives you the multi-fund reporting capabilities you need to understand your finances and performance – ensuring real-time data informs recommendations and decisions.

Alpharetta budget-to-actual

Budget to Actual Reporting

Examine YTD revenues and expenditures across departments, funds, and more. Give department heads the tools to monitor their own performance, and prepare your organization for opportunities and challenges.

Anoka multi-year annual budget

Multi-Year Annual Reporting

Add historical perspective to budgets and results. With the click of a mouse, pivot across funds, departments, and revenue or expense types.

Northglenn Water Consumption

Performance Reporting

Visualize important performance measures such as water consumption and crime rates. Connect inputs to outcomes and provide textual context with annotations.

Embrace Open Data

Burnet Check Registers Research

Empower Citizens

Explore financials and performance with annual, YTD, and transaction-level reporting. Expand your research to other jurisdictions with consistent benchmarking across the OpenGov Network™. Eliminate the need to manually standardize comparisons.

Williams Lake Budget Milestones

Tell Your Agency’s Story

Avoid over-simplifying information for citizens. Show revenues and expenses across departments and funds. Let citizens drill down to get the insights they need.

Irvine Annual Budget

Highlight Important Information

Point users to relevant answers with Saved Views. Enhance any report with detailed annotations.

Newark Open Data

Share Performance Dashboards

Give taxpayers current data and insights with an open data solution that provides maps, dashboards, interactive charts, and more.

We take care of the software, so you can take care of government business.

Cloud-based technologies enable your team to do more with less. And since OpenGov is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, your time is freed to focus on strategy. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources. When there’s a new feature, your government automatically receives it without a manual installation.

Anytime, anywhere access

OpenGov is accessible with just a web browser, so your staff, council, and constituents will have round-the-clock access to information they want.

Focus on strategy

We free your time to focus on planning and management. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources.


Connect with constituents on any device by leveraging modern cloud technology.

Update without headaches

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, OpenGov ensures your organization has the latest features and tools without manual effort from your IT team.

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