Inform revenue planning with comprehensive, dynamic insights

Explore Revenue Sources and Trends

View revenues by departments and sources, and across funds. Understand how your government is funded. Use these insights to solidify revenue planning.

Enhance Modeling and Long-Term Analysis

Analyze your organization’s long-term financial plan to see multi-year trends. Assess a proposal’s viability with “What If?” analysis. Defend recommendations and illustrate trade-offs to policymakers.

Share Revenue Insights Across Your Organization

Share Budget to Actual results with Department Heads and other stakeholders. Get everyone on the same page for important revenue discussions.

Guide Economic Development

Use your tax by industry data to inform development incentive planning.

Gain Revenue Insights On-Demand

Sausalito Tax Revenue

Streamline Revenue Reporting and Improve Decision-Making

Use interactive financial reports to understand your revenue. Publish a common set of facts for management and elected officials that is available on-demand, and on their mobile devices, so you can keep them informed and support policy recommendations.

Alpharetta budget-to-actual

Share Budget-to-Actual Results

Easily compare and share YTD multi-fund revenue to budget. Drill into results by revenue type or for any department or unit, by dollar or percentage, and help department heads and elected officials better understand financial performance so they can make better decisions.

DC Operating Budget

Gain A Multi-Year Perspective

See how historical economic trends and changes in funding sources affected your results, so you can prepare for future forecasting and budget cycles.

View Trends in an Instant

View multi-year, multi-fund data in interactive charts and tables. Pivot, filter, and share reports in seconds so everyone understands where revenue is coming from.

Burnet Saved View Golf Services

Improve Revenue Modeling and
“What If?” Analysis

Improve Modeling and “What If?” Analysis.

Build and Share Long-Term Growth Models. Upload variations of multi-year projections to assess and illustrate the impact of alternate proposals. Easily select and deselect proposals to fine-tune your analysis.

Present Your Analysis with Ease.

Show how policies such as sales tax and fee changes impact projected revenue and expenses, on demand, and at the click of a mouse. Charts automatically update to reflect the proposals you select throughout your presentation, allowing your audience to follow along.

Understand Your Tax Base and Drive Economic Development

Allegheny County real estate value and assessments

Understand Your Property and Business Tax Base

Use property, sales, and business tax data to power economic development programs. Build assessed valuations reports with your property tax information to visualize, understand, and share key trends.

McKinney sales tax by industry

Determine Which Industries Contribute to Your Revenue

Use your sales tax, business tax, and hotel tax data to build comprehensive tax by industry reports that can be shared internally or externally.

McKinney Capital Projects Heatmap

Target the Right Industries for Development

Use tax data to assess which industries or businesses to target for economic development campaigns.

Minneapolis balance sheet

Defend Recommendations to Elected Officials and Voters

Create compelling web-based reports to tell your story with one set of facts.

We take care of the software, so you can take care of government business.

Cloud-based technologies enable your team to do more with less. And since OpenGov is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, your time is freed to focus on strategy. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources. When there’s a new feature, your government automatically receives it without a manual installation.

Anytime, anywhere access

OpenGov is accessible with just a web browser, so your staff, council, and constituents will have round-the-clock access to information they want.

Focus on strategy

We free your time to focus on planning and management. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources.


Connect with constituents on any device by leveraging modern cloud technology.

Update without headaches

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, OpenGov ensures your organization has the latest features and tools without manual effort from your IT team.

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