Plan, Execute, and Measure your Agency’s Impact with OpenGov

Empower everyone in your agency with the data, analytics, and collaboration tools to improve decisions, generate ideas, reduce costs, and drive better public outcomes.

Budgeting & Planning

Adapt to change and drive improved state-wide outcomes with the only modern cloud solution that delivers purpose-built budgeting and performance management for governments.

Financial reporting and performance management

Power your agency with unparalleled reporting and transparency capabilities to drive faster, more effective decisions, and understand the public response and inform stakeholders and decision makers. Streamline your workflow management with robust, flexible forms, fees, inspections, and workflow automation.

Transparency and public engagement

Build trust with constituents by communicating initiatives and progress clearly while fostering better engagement through integrated tools to collect feedback and sentiment through Open Town Hall and dynamic stories.


Providing end-to-end automation across solicitation development, proposal evaluations and supplier interactions, OpenGov makes procurement more enjoyable and transparent for everyone involved.


State agencies improve outcomes with OpenGov

Budgeting Offices & Audit Services

Procurement Offices

Health & Human Services

Office of Attorney General

Department of Treasuries

Department of Corrections

Department of Transportation

Emergency Management Agencies

Department of Education

Environmental Agencies


Elevate state agency budgeting

OpenGov’s full-featured Budgeting & Planning includes industry-leading budget automation, comprehensive performance reporting, and intuitive tools to increase better communication and transparency with the public around strategic priorities – all built on resilient cloud technology designed to help future-proof your government built exclusively for government. 

OpenGov empowers your state agency to map your planning to strategic initiatives, track relevant KPIs, inform stakeholders, and build trust with constituents.

Monitor locally collected data for better oversight


Advance statewide procurement management

OpenGov Procurement is the collaborative public procurement suite built for modern government.  Providing end-to-end automation across solicitation development, proposal evaluations, and supplier interactions, OpenGov makes procurement more enjoyable and transparent for everyone involved.  

OpenGov Procurement will revolutionize your agency’s procurement process with a 3-4x increase in completed supplier responses and 75% less time working on RFPs/bids to save time and money to go towards other strategic goals and initiatives in your organization.


Improve your feedback & transparency collection process to drive decisions

Run public meetings, virtual council chambers, and budget simulations using robust forms, surveys, reports, and tools for curated feedback.

Leverage Open Town Hall reporting tools to analyze how public opinion cuts along geographies & demographics and analyze your community’s answers to drive important policy decisions based on data.

Collect actionable information unique to your local community


Improve your feedback & transparency collection process to drive decisions

From tracking federal relief funds to evaluating project proposals, OpenGov can be flexibly adapted to create transparent evaluation processes. Using an intuitive and configurable interface, ensure that forms and related documents are gathered and then automatically routed to reviewers across various departments. Allow all the stakeholders to follow an approval process from submission to completion and easily collaborate with both the applicant and fellow evaluators by posting feedback in the digital workflow. 

DE Auditor customer video_CIT

Delaware’s historic ARPA transparency using OpenGov

Explore The OpenGov Enterprise Cloud

Budgeting and Planning

 Streamline and unify your end-to-end budgeting process, tie budget dollars to key initiatives, and draw actionable insights.

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Focus on complex accounting, not on managing complex accounting software.

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Citizen Services

Modernize citizen services with the only multi-tenant cloud suite for permitting, licensing and code enforcement.

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Reporting and Transparency

 Build trust. Simplify and streamline the collection, analysis, and communication of complex information.

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