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Plan, Execute, and Measure your Agency’s Impact with OpenGov

Empower everyone in your agency with the data, analytics, and collaboration tools to improve decisions, generate ideas, reduce costs, and drive better public outcomes.

Budgeting and planning

Streamline budgeting from proposal creation through publication. Consolidate workflows, eliminate error-prone spreadsheets, and collaborate in real-time. Automate baseline financials from your ERP, and roll-up to the master budgeting system with ease.

Financial reporting and performance management

Mirror your agency’s accounting structure for accurate financial reporting. Track spending, investments, and debt. Monitor fiscal indicators, and measure program outcomes in one place. Establish targets and track progress of KPIs and goals.

Transparency and public engagement

Communicate effectively with legislators, citizens, and stakeholders. Transform data into interactive charts and graphs, and add context to support your story. Gather feedback by supplementing public hearings and legislative sessions with surveys, forums, and online meetings.

Next-generation open data

Create open data portals, transparency sites, and online checkbooks. Power municipal-to-state reporting and inter-agency data federation with governance tools and permissions. Build custom apps using hundreds of open source CKAN extensions and APIs.

Customer Story

CA Health and Human Services Agency Delivers Better Outcomes with Open Data

Learn how CHHS drove favorable outcomes for the State of California during the measles outbreak.

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Customer Story

CA’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development Enables Better Policy-Making

OSHPD unlocks data to drive client accessibility and better decision-making

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“This is about a common cause, and this is about doing what is right. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, this is what we do for the taxpayers of this country.”

Anthony Traficanti, Chair of the Board of Commissioners for Mahoning County, Ohio


State agencies improve outcomes with OpenGov

Health and Human Services

Departments of Transportation

Economic Development Agencies

State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers

Natural Resources and Environmental Agencies

Governor's and Executive Offices


Improve public health insights and education

Manage rising healthcare costs and address aging populations through improved access to reliable financial, operational, and public health outcomes data. Empower stakeholders to quickly drill down to the unique details required for better analysis and decision making. Leverage open data to promote research, improve public participation, and spark innovation.

The California Health and Human Services open data portal


Create a statewide transparency program

Ohio’s award-winning statewide checkbook program

Drive accountability, improve your P.I.R.G rating, and expedite information requests. Create a statewide checkbook program to empower citizens and administrators alike to search millions of individual checkbook entries in a fast, digital format. Empower journalists with instant access to the data they need to tell accurate stories. Improve labor negotiations and eliminate ambiguity with accurate financial information.


Elevate departmental budgeting

Streamline your department budgeting process and reduce errors caused by conflicting Excel spreadsheets. Involve budget owners, fiscal analysts, and agency heads to achieve greater input, buy-in, and alignment. Improve collaboration by engaging with colleagues in real-time with in-app communication tools. Integrate with or export to your master budgeting system to create a seamless experience.

Monitor locally collected data for better oversight


Streamline municipal-to-state reporting

Monitor locally collected data for better oversight

Simplify roll-up reporting from local entities to better provide oversight and technical assistance. Enable better, data-driven analysis by centralizing and streamlining data collection and providing intuitive, visual reporting to everyone in your agency. Integrate financial data from local entities into a single chart of accounts for unified reporting.


Advance statewide performance management

Combine financial results, program outputs, and statewide outcomes to see the big picture and add perspective to your decisions. Monitor and track operations and expenses to ensure results are aligned with expectations, and spot anomalies more quickly to get ahead of potential problems.

Create customized dashboards to track financials, performance metrics, and operational data

Explore The OpenGov Enterprise Cloud

Budgeting and Planning

 Streamline and unify your end-to-end budgeting process, tie budget dollars to key initiatives, and draw actionable insights.

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Focus on complex accounting, not on managing complex accounting software.

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Citizen Services

Modernize citizen services with the only multi-tenant cloud suite for permitting, licensing and code enforcement.

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Reporting and Transparency

 Build trust. Simplify and streamline the collection, analysis, and communication of complex information.

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