OpenGov for State and Federal Agencies

Citizens benefitting from governments using OpenGov

Expenditures and revenues analyzed


Simplify budgeting, reporting, and open data

Save time, improve visibility, and increase collaboration in budgeting and operational reporting. Leverage next-generation open data built on CKAN — the open-source standard — to drive accountability, make data more useful, and unlock economic potential.

  • Demonstrate fiscal accountability

    Improve trust by helping citizens understand how their tax dollars are spent. Justify grant expenditures and the use of bond proceeds to maintain good standing with lenders and regulators.

  • Improve debt management and compliance

    Quickly answer inquiries and reduce potential penalties by making all your debt information accessible and easy to understand. Maintain bond ratings and access to credit by keeping stakeholders well-informed.

  • Conduct more effective oversight

    Simplify municipal roll-up reporting and improve your analysis capabilities by centralizing and streamlining data collection and sharing.

  • Track performance and share your success

    Build customized operational dashboards to better manage performance and outcomes.

“This is about a common cause, and this is about doing what is right. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, this is what we do for the taxpayers of this country.”

Josh Mandel, Ohio State Treasurer

Use Cases

How agencies leverage OpenGov

  • Transparency and open data

  • Statewide transparency initiatives

  • Debt management and reporting

  • Federal and state grant reporting

Boston’s CKAN Portal.

Open Data

Make open data useful, usable, and used.

Unlock the true potential of open data with open source, enterprise-ready CKAN. Leverage the global open-source standard for open data to unleash innovation and tell your story. Move from sharing data to sharing information.

Track debt paydown by issuer.


Simplified debt management & reporting

Streamline and organize your debt and lease programs, to improve debt compliance and build trust with oversight committees, legislators, and stakeholders. Improve compliance by speeding up response times to regulatory requests.

Show statewide financials by jurisdiction.

Open Data

Streamlined municipal-to-state reporting

OpenGov can act as an automated, centralized repository to collect, analyze, and share data, making it easier to provide technical assistance and encourage collaboration among communities.

Understand grant revenue sources.


Track federal and state grant revenues

Monitor and track grant disbursements and expenditures to manage expectations, stay on budget, and build trust with stakeholders.

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