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The OpenGov Cloud

Streamline reporting, improve communication, and unleash innovation.

Save time, improve visibility, and increase collaboration in budgeting and operational reporting. Leverage next-generation open data built on CKAN — the open-source standard — to drive accountability, make data more useful, and unlock economic potential.

  • Demonstrate fiscal accountability

    Improve trust by helping citizens understand how their tax dollars are spent. Justify expenditures and the use of tax revenues and bond proceeds to maintain good standing with lenders and regulators.

  • Improve financial and operational reporting

    Save time by quickly answering inquiries and improve compliance with simplified reporting. Monitor and maintain fiscal health and build trust with stakeholders by keeping them well-informed.

  • Streamline municipal-to-state reporting

    Simplify roll-up reporting from local entities to better provide oversight and technical assistance. Enable better, data-driven analysis by centralizing and streamlining data collection and providing intuitive, visual reporting to everyone in your agency.

  • Track performance and make data more accessible

    Build customized operational dashboards to monitor and track both financial and performance data. Proactively stay ahead of budget shortfalls or lagging programs to improve outcomes. Network and link your data to provide critical context to your evaluation process.

Customer Story

CA Health & Human Services Agency Delivers Better Outcomes with Open Data

Learn how CHHS drove favorable outcomes for the State of California during the measles outbreak.

Customer Story

CA’s Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development Enables Better Policy-Making

OSHPD unlocks data to drive client accessibility and better decision-making

“This is about a common cause, and this is about doing what is right. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, this is what we do for the taxpayers of this country.”

Anthony Traficanti, Chair of the Board of Commissioners for Mahoning County, Ohio

Use Cases

State agencies improve outcomes with OpenGov

  • Transparency and open data

  • Unified financial and performance reporting

  • Statewide transparency initiatives

  • Monitor distressed municipalities

Next Generation Open Data

Make open data useful, usable, and used.

Unlock the true potential of open data with open source, enterprise-ready CKAN. Connect to the world’s largest public data repository and unleash innovation by tapping a global ecosystem of developers. Shift from simply sharing data to sharing information and knowledge.

California Health and Human Services CKAN Portal.


Unified financial and performance reporting

Expedite compliance and address information requests more quickly. Spend less time searching for answers to build trust with executives, legislators, and stakeholders. Connect financial results with outcomes by bringing together spending and performance data.

Track debt paydown by issuer.


Streamlined municipal-to-state reporting

Automate data collection to simplify analysis and reduce errors. Gain insights, monitor distressed entities, and provide technical assistance with easy access to critical data. Apply a uniform chart of accounts without enforcing accounting changes through legislation.

Monitor locally collected data for better oversight.


Accelerate strategic transparency initiatives

Improve accountability and build trust by empowering citizens and decision-makers with easy access to local financial data. Reduce time-consuming public records requests while providing insights and improved accountability with easy-to-use, cloud-based transparency solutions.

Build public trust through financial transparency.

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