Cloud-based innovation

The OpenGov Smart Government Cloud™ is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) solution, which enables fast innovation to augment your current IT investments.


Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”)

With just a web browser and internet connection, you can gain access to powerful software and collaboration tools. OpenGov is a true SaaS platform, so you’ll never have to worry about software updates, synchronization, or new user installs.

  • Fast time-to-value

    There’s no need to purchase or maintain expensive servers, and new users can get up and running in minutes without complicated desktop installations.

  • Worry-free updates

    All software updates happen automatically, with no installation or upgrade fees, so you’ll always have the latest version with the newest features.

  • Anytime, anywhere access 

    With an internet connection and a web-enabled device, you and your colleagues can access the OpenGov platform to work and collaborate from anywhere.

  • Faster product delivery

    Agile development with five-week release cycles lets OpenGov deliver stable, innovative features in less time.


Automated Data Loading

OpenGov ERP Integrations™ utilizes Extract, Transform and Load (“ETL”) technology to simplify and streamline the process of synchronizing data between your ERP system and the OpenGov Smart Government Cloud™.

  • Reduce manual uploads 

    Put OpenGov on autopilot with automated data transfers to shorten deployment time and maximize time-to-value.

  • Boost collaboration 

    Facilitate greater collaboration by ensuring everyone on your team is working with the same current, updated information.

  • Improve data quality and integrity

    Directly integrating your data keeps it synchronized and conflict-free, while improving the speed and scalability of your platform.

  • Configured to your needs

    Every government is unique, and OpenGov has built customized connectors to over 100 systems used by governments across the country.

Data Availability

Anytime, Anywhere Access

OpenGov is committed to ensuring your data is safe and available wherever, whenever you need it. With an available SLA for 99.9% uptime, excluding planned windows of scheduled maintenance downtime, you can rest assured that you will be able to focus on using the software to make confident decisions. To further avoid data center or server disruptions, OpenGov relies on market-leading cloud computing capabilities from Amazon Web Services (“AWS”).

  • Amazon Web Services 

    AWS is the industry leader in cloud hosting and computing, providing a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world.

  • Multi-browser support 

    To ensure maximum flexibility and availability, OpenGov supports all the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer 10+, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari 9+.

Easy Deployment

Fast and easy deployment

Achieve time-to-value quicker than ever. From deployment through adoption and beyond, you will have access to real-time support, ongoing training, exclusive webinars, and user groups.

  • Flexible deployment options 

    Get set up and ready to go quickly, with both onsite and remote deployment options to accommodate your needs.

  • User groups and the OpenGov Network™

    Network with and learn from other OpenGov users in your region to tackle challenges and build your OpenGov skills.

  • Personalized onboarding and training

    Access OpenGov University for ongoing training, and our Resource Center for powerful how-to guides, tips, and tricks for leveraging OpenGov in your everyday work. We’ll even provide press support so people can learn about your launch.

  • Optional administrative services

    Some governments save time by leveraging OpenGov Administrative Services™, an annual professional services subscription to handle routine maintenance such as data uploading, platform configuration and report customization.

“Customer Success made the process of going online with OpenGov simple. It’s very easy. We extracted the financial information from our General Ledger; we verified the results; and we were up!”

Stephen Parker, Administrative Services Director
Stanton, CA

“To have everything mapped how you want it is tremendously helpful, and the visualizations on top of that provide an extra level of functionality.”

Jason Loveland, Director of Finance
Northglenn, CO

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