Tree Management

Looking to spruce up your tree operations? Cartegraph’s simple yet powerful tree management solution is here to help. Inventory and appraise trees, streamline work, mitigate risk, monitor costs, and build data-driven forestry programs.


Simplify Your Urban Forestry Program

Know where every tree is located, its species, and what condition it’s in. Create easy-to-use tree appraisals, document inspections, add photos, and attach notes—all while on the go.

Perform the right work on the right tree at the right time. From pruning and fertilizing to pest treatments, use Cartegraph to schedule, assign, and complete tasks from anywhere.

Labor, equipment, materials, and more: track the resources used for every task. With real-time data and costs, you’ll be able to make real progress on your conservation initiatives.

Smart Parks

Uncover best practices that will help extend the life of your parks and recreation network, prioritize repairs, estimate capital costs, and enhance your visitor experience.


Capture and Appraise Trees

Maples, oaks, pines, and palms: expand your inventory and appraise your trees in a snap. Note foliage and root health, and perform trunk formula or replacement cost valuations based on the CTLA Guide for Plant Appraisal.

Snap a photo to add a tree to your inventory. Enter the species, trimming frequency, and more. Use that data to make better tree care decisions.

Battle Pests and Disease

Trees are your most valuable asset, improving health, saving energy, and even reducing crime. Protect them from Emerald Ash Borer, rust, and rot with OpenGov. Build data-driven preservation plans, schedule work, and track costs.

"We came up with a plan to remove diseased or dead trees and were able to understand what areas would be affected."
John Doe

Armed with tree risk assessment and maintenance data, this city saved itself from a costly lawsuit.

Reduce Tree Liability

Storms happen, but hazardous tree lawsuits shouldn’t have to. Rest easy knowing OpenGov is documenting the tree inspection, appraisal, risk assessment, maintenance, and treatment history for your entire forest network.


Already have your asset data in ArcGIS? Great news: Our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up in Cartegraph for enhanced asset management and analysis.

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Justify Budget Requests

What’s the value of your tree network? How about the annual cost of pruning, watering, and treatment? With OpenGov dashboards and reports, show how much money you need, why, and the impact it will have on your community.


Need more than trees? From playgrounds and pavilions to bridges and benches, OpenGov’s enterprise solutions have you covered.

Capture and Appraise Trees

Managing 300 trees? 30,000? Cartegraph is designed and perfectly priced for parks and conservancies of all sizes. The purpose-built, cloud-based app is powered by AWS, meaning you never have to fret about adding security, servers, or staff.

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