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How Boone County Turned a Software Risk Event Into an Opportunity

Boone County, KY (FIN)

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Just over a year ago, Boone County leaders received word that their cloud computing product would be discontinued in June of 2022. This meant that Boone County officials needed government accounting software, and they needed it implemented quickly. Enter: OpenGov Financials, which is built to automate the mission-critical fund accounting processes of public administration and can be implemented in less than 6 months.

Video Transcript:

Jeffery Earlywine, County Administrator: “I’ll turn the clock back a little bit to June of 2021. My IT director walked in my office with some alarming news that there had just been an announcement by the Microsoft Corporation that they were going to discontinue support in June of 2022. So, at that moment, I wouldn’t say we panicked, but we moved this project up to the top of the list.

We had had somewhat of a fractured relationship with our prior vendor, so we were really looking for a partnership that we could rely on and carry into the future. We had prior experience with OpenGov.

We had been a client of theirs for a number of years using their local government transparency portal. The OpenGov team was able to assure us that while that was a very aggressive timeline, they understood our circumstances and they were confident they could meet that aggressive timeline.

I thought that was invaluable because they really understood our need. We asked specific questions. They knew the answer because some of them had been there and done that before.

That was really part of the reason we could advance the learning curve, keep the project on schedule, and be in a position where we were able to go live at the beginning of April.

As we move forward, as with any software product, there will be a couple of tweaks, a couple of rough edges that we’ll need to address, and that’s where the good working relationship and partnership with the OpenGov team comes in.”

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