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How Edgewater, FL Generated An 87% Increase in Solicitation Efficiency

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Edgewater, FL (PRO)

"In the past, the actual process of procurement was pretty laborious.... [With OpenGov], from when we actually started writing the specs, to the time we went out for bid, it was only four days."

Pat Drosten, Purchasing Specialist - Edgewater, FL

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Video Transcript:

Like many communities, the city of Edgewater, FL was hamstrung by old-school, paper-based procurement processes that cost them hours of precious time. Using cloud-based procurement software, their staff was able to unleash its true potential, and the results speak for themselves. They were able to generate an 87% increase in efficiency in the solicitation development process.

Tamara Cook, Finance Officer: “I went to Florida Association of Public Procurement Officers. So, the very first vendor, the very first person I met, was the representative from OpenGov.”

Pat Drosten, Purchasing Specialist: “In the past, the actual process of procurement was pretty laborious. It was, you know, ‘Who’s going to win out on this one? You say this, you say this. Which one’s going to have to work?’ So, there’s a lot of time involved. From when we actually started writing the specs, to the time we went out for bid, it was only four days.”

Randy Coslow, Director of Environmental Services: “You never knew if you had the right version, the current version of the document. You’d email them back and forth. But now, with OpenGov, you just go on the website, and the latest version, you know, is already there. And you can see the whole history of comments, where people suggest changes and collaboratively they talked about what the wording should be. And then, the changes are there. You don’t have to hunting for them. They’re already right there.”

Drosten: “There may have been people that thought it would distance us from our vendors, which, if anything it’s done the opposite. It’s brought us closer into our vendors.”

Coslow: “All the components of those contracts are written into the OpenGov database, such that when it’s coming up for renewal, or some of the underlying components need some sort of work or expiration, the system will generate automatic emails to those of us that are associated with those contracts.”

Cook: “It’s intuitive. I’ve been able to find stuff. The screen is easy to read. It all makes sense. It’s like working an app on your phone. It’s not any more complicated than that.”

Drosten: “Time-saver. Much less stress. I don’t have to worry about ‘Did I invert a number on an Excel sheet?’ or ‘Do I have the wrong format built into my spreadsheet?’ Because it’s all done right in the system. It’s instantaneous.”

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