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Pasco County, FL Builds an Award-Winning Online Budget Book

Pasco County, FL (B&P)

"It was the fastest we had ever gotten the budget submission done."

Heather Toner, Budget Analyst

Video Transcript:

The biggest ROI or time savings for us that I can think of starts out with the online budget book. And it wasn’t so much that we were trying to replicate what we had done, we were completely open to: Well, what can OpenGov do and how can that make our lives easier?

So, the ability to have OpenGov sort of be the bridge between the data and what we needed to publish was crucial. I mean it was the fastest we had ever gotten the budget submission done.

Winning the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award means that the work we’re doing to be a premiere county is moving in the right direction. The focus on getting that award, that goes hand in hand with the Sterling Journey  that we’ve been on and all of our efforts to bring our processes up to a higher level so that our citizens can really benefit from this premiere service.

We’re not just trying to get it out however we can to meet the bare minimums. We’re really trying to be back to a premiere County, we’re trying to show that in our reporting and in our public face as well.

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