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Tuolumne County Wins Its First Ever GFOA Award With User-Friendly Budgeting Software

In 2019, Tuolumne County upgraded to OpenGov Budgeting & Planning. In 2021, it won its first ever GFOA Budget Award.

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Video Transcript:

Eric Erhardt, Assistant County Administrator: “When I think about the legacy that I would like to leave behind when the community looks at Tuolumne County is, “Tuolumne County knows how to engage with us.” Over the course of many years, I’ve been part of applying new software programs or new technology in different sectors of local government. Once we implemented Budgeting & Planning, which was surprisingly an easy process, myself and another analyst, my office were able to put our budget together within a couple of weeks.

We were coming from an older, outdated system that really wasn’t user-friendly. As we onboarded with OpenGov, and we were able to show and demonstrate the product to our staff, they were instantly intrigued.

We see people now, as they work through the budget, the budgeting process has gone much faster. It saves a tremendous amount of time. Everything is done in the system, where in years past, they would do the budget work, the numbers, in the system, but then they would have to submit different Word documents explaining their budget. Now, they have the ability to do that all in one place.

By using OpenGov’s platform, we were able to mirror our online digital book with the requirements of the GFOA award. We were able to submit that to GFOA, and we received our first award for fiscal year 21-22.

As a taxpayer, they can clearly see and understand at any level that they want, whether it’s just a high-level overview of where local funds are going, or if they really want to dig down into the information. OpenGov Budgeting has really allowed us to provide that information to our community.

Since day one of engaging with OpenGov, the communication back and forth has been fantastic. We’re four years into our contract, and the level of communication has not decreased. If anything, it’s increased. I can easily get people on the phone to help walk me through things if need be. They continue to reach out to us to engage with their customer to find out what it is that we truly need to become more efficient and more effective.”

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