Why Modern Cloud?

After witnessing State and Local governments across the nation struggle to adapt to growing expectations due to outdated technology, OpenGov set out to deliver the modern, future-proof government cloud software needed to drive more effective and accountable government.


Benefits of Modern Government Cloud Software

In a post-pandemic world, the benefits of modern cloud software (aka: “Software as a Service”) are more relevant than ever for government to address the challenges of remote work, digital services, and managing uncertainty. Cloud software helps you future-proof your investment while focusing on your community.

Increase Productivity

Modern government work is collaborative. Intuitive software empowers all users for success

Strengthen public trust

Better decisions and alignment come from common, shared, accurate information

Improve Citizen Experience

Digital services map to the expectations of community members and improve satisfaction

Build resilience

Leaders have confidence in the face of uncertainty that their processes are secure and sustainable

All Cloud Software Isn’t Equal

Many software providers try to sell legacy systems as “cloud” because they are delivered remotely. Same software, different packaging. These aren’t designed for 21st century government. Modern government cloud software has these characteristics:

Anywhere, Any Device

Nothing to install – only a browser required

Continuous Enhancement

Rapid innovation driven by customer feedback

Intuitive User Interfaces

Built in the era of consumer software, eliminates the nuances and complexities that only “power users” can understand

World-Class Security and Infrastructure

Modern applications take advantage of the leading cloud service providers (like Amazon Web Services) to ensure your mission critical systems are resilient

Fast and Configurable

Can be deployed quickly providing value when you need it and configured without deep technical expertise or IT assistance

100% Hassle-Free

Always up-to-date with no effort from your government. No upgrades, patches, customizations, or (of course) hardware to manage.

Timely, Accurate Data Anywhere

Timely and accurate data made accessible across teams and departments improves collaboration and the speed and quality of decisions. No more “pecking around” in different datasets to answer Council questions. No more sinking feeling from realizing you used the wrong spreadsheet version for your presentation.

Track budgeted and actual spending like Allegheny County, PA.

Continuous, Hassle-Free Enhancements

Product Managers review new features in a live workshop each quarter

Continuous enhancements with always-on, automatic updates to your suite, ensure that you always have access to the newest tools and functionality. Save your government from spending scarce resources on costly software and security upgrades that distract from your mission.